Deo Gratias

Who would have thought I would be studying law? Far from the fashion and glamour that i have always dreamed of when i was younger. I, too, never thought i will pursue law school. It was not my plan but GOD's. I asked him 2 years ago for a sign. A sign that would change my life forever. I let Him decide for me. I don't really know what I would be back then. It was really a confusing stage of my life. At the start of my practicum at the senate, I asked Him for a sign. That sign was a red balloon. If I will see one, then i will enter law school. I was waiting until I have forgotten all about it. Then the last day of our OJT came. It was a usual day until I saw a waiter on the parking lot pushing a cart with balloon arrangement placed on top of it. I was stricken by that scene. My eyes are so wide open looking for that red balloon on a pastel colored balloon arrangement. There was none. I smiled and thought that God had greater plans for me other rather going to law school.But when the waiter turned around, there at the middle of it was a single red balloon. I was astounded and happy. He heard me. He is the one that keeps me going through this all.

Today, i went to school to get our test booklets for labor standards. I could not yield to my responsibility because I am the president of the class. I have been avoiding this subject since I knew deep within me that my test was a piece of crap. I guessed most of my answers. It was multiple choice and I hate this type of test. I would rather got through hundreds of essay questions than be bombarded with multiple choice. Grrr.. If I fail even a single subject, I'll drop out of law school. I am dead serious about this.

When I got to school I went to the chapel immediately to give myself enough strength. Upon getting the booklets, i proceeded again to the chapel. That walk from the main building to the chapel was longer than usual. My feet are so heavy, my heart is throbbing so hard, my sweat is damn cold and i was really nauseous.

I could have open my test booklet inside the office but I have chosen not to.
I told myself that it would be easier when I looked at my test booklet with someone. And the best someone to be with at that time was none other then the GREAT REDEEMER.

I passed. Hello second year of hell school (i mean law school) hehe.. Only 6 of us passed the rest of the grades was a disaster. (literally speaking) This is one of those moments that will remind me to have more faith in Him. That He will never ever forsake me and He will always be there for me. I just need to TRUST HIM MORE.

I could never have done it without HIS Help and guidance.


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