en route to a healthy clear skin :D

my skin has gone ballistic lately. it is on the super dry side and is so sensitive that it reacts easily on the products that i used. i usually developed rashes and a day without moisturizer could cause me flaky and rough skin in an instant.
for the past months, i have incurred zits on my cheeks, chin and forehead. To add more to my agony, my skin was dehydrated and dry. i was so depressed and worried that i hate looking at myself on the mirror. everyone at home was saying that it was because of the make up that i have been using. grrr.... that is why i have switched to mmu in hope of reviving my skin. but i think the main problem was that i have neglected my skin a lot. when i was in college i was very cautious on the products i use and i spend most of my money on skin care items rather than on make ups but this year i was like "whatever". i have been road testing few products lately that will suit my skin. and because i am on a tight budget (summer means no allowance = taghirap in other words ang saklap! HAHAHAH) i bought those which are pocket friendly but could be at par with those of first-rate brands in terms of quality.

celeteque - this is my facial wash but i think it is still a bit drying but i really love that is gentle on my skin and it leaves my skin squeaky clean

eskinol orange fresh facial cleanser - i don't use this often.. my friend recommended me this and i love the refreshing feeling and the bursting vitamin c beads effect. the label says that the vit. c beads acts as an antioxidant protecting the skin from harsh pollutants.

the face shop (the rice creamy emulsion) - this moisturizes my face with just a pearl size amount. i just love that the scent is not over powering at all.

godiva vitamin c serum - according to godiva website : Godiva Vitamin C 10% Serum helps lighten and brighten skin, diminish fine lines and minimize skin pores. This rejuvenating formula gives firmer skin on contact and fights free radicals. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that enhances the skin's ability to combat the visible signs of aging. It improves skin's texture, clarity and tone at any age. Godiva uses bioactive Vitamin C which retains its potency for up to 3 years at room temperature.

- this little bottle does wonders to my skin which i use every night. i was really amazed that it really minimized my pores and improved my skin texture.

the face shop blemish balm - i love this as a make up base! and the scent is addicting! haha,, i just don't know if it really helps in eradicating blemishes. ( i hope it does)

elianto honey mask - i got this on sale for just 97.75 pesos. a steal imo because i won't usually buy myself a mask. i use this every week although this is not just as helpful as i thought it would be.

maybelline uv base -
i got this in purple which is for anti dullness and it has spf 35 PA++ i just want an item which has an spf in it since the uv rays can cause irreparable damage to our skin.

petroleum jelly -
a staple in my kit, this is a cheap alternative to a moisturizer and a lip balm! plus it is a good make up remover too..


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