WhAt's CooKin'?

The last time my jaw dropped for a singer was in grade 3 when i saw backstreet boys' music video of quit playing games. Since then, i was drooling over nick carter for years until high school! (a.k.a boyband syndrome. it was really hard to overcome!Lol) I was always watching American idol and did not mind much of the guys until i saw and heard david cook. i was glued on the tv for a minute or two when he was singing always be my baby of mariah carey! he is drop dead yummy!haha i mean he was hell of a singer. and ooohh.. i heart him now ( my bf's gonna kill me once he'll know this,, hehe ) btw, i am crossing my fingers real hard that he will be the next american idol!yeah!

soon, this song will be a hit.. i am sure of that.. i have watched this video for the nth time and with each time i am liking the song and the singer even more..

he's such a cutie,, the lips, the eyes,, the hair.. hahahaha


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