hello canada!

"goodbye philippines"

my bestfriend (since the 5th grade err 6th? i can't remember) and her bf made a touching surprise birthday partee/mini hs reunion.

it was fun seeing them all again.

*sigh.. are we that old? hehe

i'm gonna be missing kaycee alot. i have nobody to bully!!!hahahah joke.
we have not been in good terms for like a year, i have to admit i was a total biatch!
what will i do? i just miss her a lot.
we've been inseperable since high school and with just one poof it felt like i hardly even know her. :C
it just pains me.
i don't want to admit to myself that we have grown apart (literally)

i just thought we could spend more time together. thanks to law school my plan was just ruined.

she's still my BESTFRIEND
no matter how many miles she is apart from me.

love you best!! mwah


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  1. awww! i just read this now! i know we grew apart during college because of some issues, busy scheds, etc. But you will forever be my bes, no matter what!I'm happy we've grown closer again. Till death do us part! We may be miles apart but I am always here for you! Love u bes!


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