Monday, November 3, 2008

last hoorrah!

last hoorrahhh!
sembreak is over.
nooo.. (sobs)

we went to batangas for the all saint's day.
i was glued to harry potter.
finally, i got the time reading the deathly hallows.
i finished it for 2 days .
i am an addict.
i reread my fave chapters too.. wahaha

being so engrossed with harry, an unwanted visitor came to our house.

^ the skin of the unwanted visitor.
(yup, voldemort sent it. hahaha)

^^ (camwhoring) a day after my facial at godiva..
gotta go back there for more.. hehe

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  1. i am from ateneo sis :)
    i graduated 2008.
    after graduation, i worked as a college professor, in a public college. i did not take the bar, i have so much in my mind.
    however, i am now attending review classes.


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