in justicia vivimos, in justicia morimos

my beloved regina legis et juris sorority had a photo shoot before the year ends.
it was actually tiring because the photographer made us
do so many poses!
remove the jacket, put the jacket.. blah blah
but obviously the pictures were great!!hehehe

^ i love this picture!! we all look camera crazy!!!

the regina tarpaulin..
well, if we just look closer my name is on the praesidium.
i am the new master initiator.
(oohh i love my position!!!!)
watch out neo's...

also, on the lower left side my sorority congratulates me for being the new asst. jurisprudence editor of the ust faculty of civil law LAW REVIEW. (click to see lawrev site)
i am so honored.


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  1. i just found your blog and it's AMAZING ..

    your in ust .. yehey ! i'm an AB student
    your a law student but your still so FAB .
    HOORAY to that !

    how's the bar exams ?


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