Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new look

i look so pacute in this picture.. hehe

my bez socrates calls me bangsomoro since i had my cut my hair with bangs.. but lately i am really missing mg locks.. i feel so feminine with it and pretty too (LOL as if)

but now i want full bangs as in.. (im so fickle minded!!) actually i have full bangs already but i am just not into it until i saw heidi klum 's hair in project runway..

i was like "hey my hair looks similar when it is blow dried" haha..

i will be straightening my hair and get lots of layers before the opening of the first semester. hope no one copies it again..JOKE JOKE. .

look^^ few more weeks then i'll have the heidi klum look!!hehe

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i just got mineralized :p

I was really a bit hesitant in trying mineral make up. I really think it's messy, time consuming and costly (shipping and all that).Mineral make up is the new make up trend and it has tons of promises that is uberly tempting that is why I finally gave in. The reckoning pt. was actually when I got samples from ellana minerals (btw, this is a local mmu brand) and i was left in awe when i road tested their foundation. Imagine with a minimal amount of powder it covered my blemishes in a flash. And of all the foundations I have tried this is just the most natural I have ever worn. And it feels so light on my skin. I was like doing "oooohh" and "wow" all the time I was wearing it. haha Mineral make up is all natural product which consist mainly of minerals (just as the name manifests) and it contains NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS! It does not contain talc, preservatives, fragrance which means there is a reduced risk of allergic or negative reactions. Finally, i can wear foundation without worrying of its side effects on my skin. Isn't that brilliant? hehe And what I love most in mmu is they DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS. Animal testing is utterly detestable for me. And for the longest time I thought this was just a hoax that's why i was really nonchalant about it. damn! According to Idausa. org, the tests are done on conscious rabits. Caustic substances are placed in their eyes to evaluate damage to sensitive eye tissues. And like people who get hurt rabbits also scream. Imagine hundreds of rabbits undergoing such excruciating pain for the name of cosmetics. tsk tsk tsk.

I'll TRY as much as possible to stay away from products that indulge on animal testing.

Btw, i just received my first ever mmu haul.. hoorah.. nothing much.. basically just foundation, finishing powder and blush and the most important of all the brush!

this brush is from bare naturals and it is sooo sooo soft! i can't stop buffing it over my face.. LOL

Monday, April 28, 2008

for the third and final time

What happened to my previous blogs? They rotted into oblivion probably.. teehee.. Why and how? Because i tend to forget the password and worse the name of the blog itself. *Sigh*

Hopefully, I will be able to maintain this.. Sure
ly i will never have the problem of remembering my own name. hehe

I love my header.. I have been thinking so much of what to put there but I try to be less complex this time.