Thursday, May 8, 2008

en route to a healthy clear skin :D

my skin has gone ballistic lately. it is on the super dry side and is so sensitive that it reacts easily on the products that i used. i usually developed rashes and a day without moisturizer could cause me flaky and rough skin in an instant.
for the past months, i have incurred zits on my cheeks, chin and forehead. To add more to my agony, my skin was dehydrated and dry. i was so depressed and worried that i hate looking at myself on the mirror. everyone at home was saying that it was because of the make up that i have been using. grrr.... that is why i have switched to mmu in hope of reviving my skin. but i think the main problem was that i have neglected my skin a lot. when i was in college i was very cautious on the products i use and i spend most of my money on skin care items rather than on make ups but this year i was like "whatever". i have been road testing few products lately that will suit my skin. and because i am on a tight budget (summer means no allowance = taghirap in other words ang saklap! HAHAHAH) i bought those which are pocket friendly but could be at par with those of first-rate brands in terms of quality.

celeteque - this is my facial wash but i think it is still a bit drying but i really love that is gentle on my skin and it leaves my skin squeaky clean

eskinol orange fresh facial cleanser - i don't use this often.. my friend recommended me this and i love the refreshing feeling and the bursting vitamin c beads effect. the label says that the vit. c beads acts as an antioxidant protecting the skin from harsh pollutants.

the face shop (the rice creamy emulsion) - this moisturizes my face with just a pearl size amount. i just love that the scent is not over powering at all.

godiva vitamin c serum - according to godiva website : Godiva Vitamin C 10% Serum helps lighten and brighten skin, diminish fine lines and minimize skin pores. This rejuvenating formula gives firmer skin on contact and fights free radicals. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that enhances the skin's ability to combat the visible signs of aging. It improves skin's texture, clarity and tone at any age. Godiva uses bioactive Vitamin C which retains its potency for up to 3 years at room temperature.

- this little bottle does wonders to my skin which i use every night. i was really amazed that it really minimized my pores and improved my skin texture.

the face shop blemish balm - i love this as a make up base! and the scent is addicting! haha,, i just don't know if it really helps in eradicating blemishes. ( i hope it does)

elianto honey mask - i got this on sale for just 97.75 pesos. a steal imo because i won't usually buy myself a mask. i use this every week although this is not just as helpful as i thought it would be.

maybelline uv base -
i got this in purple which is for anti dullness and it has spf 35 PA++ i just want an item which has an spf in it since the uv rays can cause irreparable damage to our skin.

petroleum jelly -
a staple in my kit, this is a cheap alternative to a moisturizer and a lip balm! plus it is a good make up remover too..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

sisterly love

This is my lil sister mari.. we were camwhoring when we went to batangas.. actually i just snatched her and told her to blow that gum for this pose. She really hates the flash, she alleged that the light is blinding her. LOL.. More often than not, I have been mistaken to be her mother! grrr.. Do i already look like one?!? I guess it is because we look the same in many ways.. Just as the pic shows.. our left eye is both squinted because of the flash..haha

i heart this shot.. although this is not artistically and beautifully captured on the cam. hehe this pose was her crazy idea.. btw, the fingers are my brother's.. hehe she looks so natural in doing the hanging arms pose.. hahahah

Deo Gratias

Who would have thought I would be studying law? Far from the fashion and glamour that i have always dreamed of when i was younger. I, too, never thought i will pursue law school. It was not my plan but GOD's. I asked him 2 years ago for a sign. A sign that would change my life forever. I let Him decide for me. I don't really know what I would be back then. It was really a confusing stage of my life. At the start of my practicum at the senate, I asked Him for a sign. That sign was a red balloon. If I will see one, then i will enter law school. I was waiting until I have forgotten all about it. Then the last day of our OJT came. It was a usual day until I saw a waiter on the parking lot pushing a cart with balloon arrangement placed on top of it. I was stricken by that scene. My eyes are so wide open looking for that red balloon on a pastel colored balloon arrangement. There was none. I smiled and thought that God had greater plans for me other rather going to law school.But when the waiter turned around, there at the middle of it was a single red balloon. I was astounded and happy. He heard me. He is the one that keeps me going through this all.

Today, i went to school to get our test booklets for labor standards. I could not yield to my responsibility because I am the president of the class. I have been avoiding this subject since I knew deep within me that my test was a piece of crap. I guessed most of my answers. It was multiple choice and I hate this type of test. I would rather got through hundreds of essay questions than be bombarded with multiple choice. Grrr.. If I fail even a single subject, I'll drop out of law school. I am dead serious about this.

When I got to school I went to the chapel immediately to give myself enough strength. Upon getting the booklets, i proceeded again to the chapel. That walk from the main building to the chapel was longer than usual. My feet are so heavy, my heart is throbbing so hard, my sweat is damn cold and i was really nauseous.

I could have open my test booklet inside the office but I have chosen not to.
I told myself that it would be easier when I looked at my test booklet with someone. And the best someone to be with at that time was none other then the GREAT REDEEMER.

I passed. Hello second year of hell school (i mean law school) hehe.. Only 6 of us passed the rest of the grades was a disaster. (literally speaking) This is one of those moments that will remind me to have more faith in Him. That He will never ever forsake me and He will always be there for me. I just need to TRUST HIM MORE.

I could never have done it without HIS Help and guidance.

Friday, May 2, 2008

WhAt's CooKin'?

The last time my jaw dropped for a singer was in grade 3 when i saw backstreet boys' music video of quit playing games. Since then, i was drooling over nick carter for years until high school! (a.k.a boyband syndrome. it was really hard to overcome!Lol) I was always watching American idol and did not mind much of the guys until i saw and heard david cook. i was glued on the tv for a minute or two when he was singing always be my baby of mariah carey! he is drop dead yummy!haha i mean he was hell of a singer. and ooohh.. i heart him now ( my bf's gonna kill me once he'll know this,, hehe ) btw, i am crossing my fingers real hard that he will be the next american idol!yeah!

soon, this song will be a hit.. i am sure of that.. i have watched this video for the nth time and with each time i am liking the song and the singer even more..

he's such a cutie,, the lips, the eyes,, the hair.. hahahaha