Saturday, June 21, 2008

stop annoying me!PLEASE

don't look at me as if you've been there and done that. act your part. there is a social strata in law school that you must adhere to. blow your own horn when you’ve passed the bar exams. One thing you must bear in mind: respect your upperclassmen because they have been through things that you are just about to face. Now, is there something you want to brag about?

P.S. i give utmost deference to my seniors. i wonder why it is so hard for you to do?

Monday, June 2, 2008


i passed! Hello second year!
i was really dumbfounded when i learned about my QPI (quotient point index) or this is like gpa in college. 86.18 was too much when i was only praying to GOD for an 82 to maintain my understudy program for law review.
and guess what i am a dean's lister! OMG! finally! my close friends will always hear me whining with my infamous words "palagi na lang akong kulang!" LOL (fyi i did not become a cum laude because i lacked a few points!grr)
i promise this time i will be more driven in my studies.
no more dilly dally for moi!

band obsession

the ultimate culprit for my headband obsession these days is none other than blair waldorf. hehe she looks wickedly pretty on that red band. i have 6 and i still want more!! teehee i want those with ribbons but i am afraid that once i wore that in school my professor will call me for recitation!
what a nice way to get attention! LOL

camwhoring once again:

love my bangs..

xoxo korea

i love korea!LOL well kidding aside, i am really in love with their fashion and make up. they are so fresh, flamboyant and undaunted. it all started with my penchant for the hit series goong or what we locally knew as princess hours. i fell in love with eun yoon hye in an instant. since then i have watched her in the vineyard man and coffee prince. i am really astonished that she could pull off any hairstyle! from long wavy hair to a short bob.
i have been staying away from buying clothes this year i told myself that i will be more formal since i am in law school but i ended up lost instead. i was really struggling being black and white. i can't believe i have many shirts than dressy tops. i feel so mediocre. grrr.. but now, i don't give a damn and i will wear what i want. yeavah i am starting it by losing some pounds. gawd, the vacation made me gain so much! i hate it.

i just love their hairstyle especially their bangs. it makes them look so damn cute!