Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Original 2A outing

Sembreak was a blast.
This is an exclusive 2A outing.
i miss my classmates who have not
been lucky enough to keep up with UST's despicable grading system.

my boys.. hehe
they are the best.
our boring, mind boggling and nerve wracking
classes would simply turn into a hullabaloo of jokes and antics
because of them.

^true gamman. x marks the spot.

^with future chief justice mon pasia.

2a girls.
sis april, jenggay, and sis ruth.

Onwards 2011. We will all be lawyers in God's time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

last hoorrah!

last hoorrahhh!
sembreak is over.
nooo.. (sobs)

we went to batangas for the all saint's day.
i was glued to harry potter.
finally, i got the time reading the deathly hallows.
i finished it for 2 days .
i am an addict.
i reread my fave chapters too.. wahaha

being so engrossed with harry, an unwanted visitor came to our house.

^ the skin of the unwanted visitor.
(yup, voldemort sent it. hahaha)

^^ (camwhoring) a day after my facial at godiva..
gotta go back there for more.. hehe