Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!!!

Happy new year!!

2009 resolutions:
  1. Be more patient (with everything).
  2. Spend wisely.
  3. Be a more responsible sister and daughter.
  4. THINK BEFORE SPEAKING (i'll stop blabbing).
and....... many more...hahaha i can't think of anything else coz i still have to study!!!
btw, my year ender rendezvous with jod made me super happy!!
love you dada

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Part

what's the difference between a statement and a promise?
the former meant nothing.
the latter meant more.
isn't it?
so, where does one starts to believe
between a statement and a promise?
the saddest part to my
nonsensical inquiry is that none of these mattered to him.

For all the things that went wrong, i was the one to blame.
That was his belief, twas not mine.
for years, i wanted to be right.
i wanted him to listen.
i wanted him to appreciate me but in loving him
i will never be a princess nor a damsel in distress.
he will forever be my prince and i will just be the antagonist in my own love story.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

RLJS Christmas parteee!!

my beloved sorority celebrated its xmas partee
at cafe la lotte.
it was really fun.
i won a mug!! the regina coffee mug..
i am so damn lucky.. hahaha
and btw speaking of lucky i passed 1st sem without any failing grade (wheew)
and i am not probi!!yey (my qpi was higher than i expected but i am keeping my mouth sealed with the exact number. at least it is still 80+) thank you lord.

of course, i was the one who put make up on my sisses..
i had a new haircut btw and got my hair rebonded too..
this pic was with sis ruth..

mi papa

the morning sickness.

my papa is the weirdest, craziest and funniest dad in the whole world!
i so so love him.
very much.
i like like this picture ( i don't mind the eyebags!haha)

in justicia vivimos, in justicia morimos

my beloved regina legis et juris sorority had a photo shoot before the year ends.
it was actually tiring because the photographer made us
do so many poses!
remove the jacket, put the jacket.. blah blah
but obviously the pictures were great!!hehehe

^ i love this picture!! we all look camera crazy!!!

the regina tarpaulin..
well, if we just look closer my name is on the praesidium.
i am the new master initiator.
(oohh i love my position!!!!)
watch out neo's...

also, on the lower left side my sorority congratulates me for being the new asst. jurisprudence editor of the ust faculty of civil law LAW REVIEW. (click to see lawrev site)
i am so honored.

belated birthday post..

i just needed to post my 23rd birthday.

i was really blessed and happy to celebrate it with my family, jod and my friends.
(atty. gonzales dismissed the class early in reverence of me daw!?! well, i think his wife just wants him to go home early!!LOL but thanks sir!! at least i was not called to recite..)

jod gave me a sweet surprise.
i don't usually get astonished by his antics but this year it really worked.
after a long day at school (i hate thursdays!!! i have 3 subjects and all of them are so demanding!!! grr), my classmates and i were in asturias waiting for jod then
this foreigner came with a bouquet of balloons and gifts looking for me!! i was like stunned for a minute or two! it was crazy, and finally after coming to my senses i figured out (finally! my brain processing went slow with that!) that he was my bf's friend! geezz... i was really kilig!!wahhahaha

he even baked me a pancake cake (this is an ultimate redundancy!!)
pancake cake is very popular in sweden.
his Swedish friend taught him to do it.

i wished he put more jam on it. hehe

the chocolates are from bf.. he gave me my regina bag..
(it's purple that's why it was named such)
the bouquet was from my friends in2a. (thanks!!!mwah)
my lawrev family gave me my favorite egg pie! (thanks.... mwah)
and lastly,
thank you lord for another blessed year.