Pink Love

Yesterday was the last day of our prelims.
The week seemed like a lifetime.
It was so tiring.
The exams were something I don't want to think nor talk about.
ughh!! i don't know. i really feel i failed in some of them.

Anyways, what made me uber happy during the exams week was my latest finds!!!
they're all PINK!

[Fave bikini] [Tropical Punch]

i was just supposed to buy the tropical punch because it is one of the hottest pink polish i ever
saw. it reminded me of Hawaii, summer and my pink stabilo marker..(hehe)
Fave bikini is a light pastel pink.
i am really not into light colors but when i saw its name... there's no doubt i have to get it! hehe

[pink petal blush] [off beat pink]

these are sooo worth drooiling for.
for just 100.00 and 125.00 pesos respectively, they are best buys!
i was trying to find a replacement for my marykay's pink flamingo blush which
i have been using for ages. i never thought i could find a blush for just 100 pesos which
is soo perfect. the matte lipstick is good too.
it provides good color and the color compliments my skin tone.
i'll buy more matte lipstick perhaps my next target are skin and mauvey.
However, this tends to be a bit drying that's why i used lipbalm before and seal it off with a gloss.

^^taken before prelims.. i used the ever bilena blush and lipstck..
luv it.


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