batangas vacation

my mom and her sister inherited a huge lot
(as in huge like 7,000 something sq. meters not sure with the nos. :S)
lot in mt. makulot, cuenca, batangas.
this has been the family's haven during the holy week
since my mama and papa decided to build a small house (small as in) on it.
i must say this place is truly a treasure for the family.
it is filled with trees (lanzones, mango, langka, papaya, banana etc.), flowers, odd looking insects, and other animals.... you name it.
it was wild and virginal.
younger, i hate staying here.
honestly,i was afraid of ghosts and the huge trees makes me freak out. (damn)

this year, i bought jod (my boyfriend for 7 years) with us.
it was quite memorable because he never imagined we have really close family ties.
i find it funny when he asked me what's the occasion when relatives started coming to our place.
he saw how crazy my papa, mama and two other siblings were.
it was also the first time my family did the visita iglesia.
it was a moment for self reflection
and a time to further strengthen my faith in GOD.

some of the churches we visited:

what's my surname?? MASILUNGAN.. hmmmm

charm sleeping with head bent over.. cute

^^ jailed^^

^ i love flowers.. :D

jod and i..


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