The Face Shop Span Oil Control Pre Make - up

The Face Shop Span Oil Control Pre Make - up
price: 445.00 pesos

"Formulated with sebum absorbing powder and pore smoothing elastic polymer,
this makeup primer minimizes shine while enhancing the staying power of your foundation."

my very first make up primer. :D
i have never thought of using a primer because i thought people with dry skin can do away with it. errr,, wrong notion.
it's just recently that i felt that the weather seemed to melt my foundation quickly. i was really choosing between monistat or the skin perfecting primer of bare naturals but i hated the hassles of ordering online.
so, i decided to give this one a try after reading good feedback from girltalk.
Tried this today when i went to my sorority's meeting and got our class text booklet (i am the president of the class :S).
It is gel type. The scent is very similar to maxipeel's tinted moisturizer
(it smells good but i am not fond of the scent)
it made my powder stayed longer and i look fresh even after 2 hrs,
however, i could not attest if it controls oilies well.
it also made my skin look smoother.

^the color of the primer is not actually transparent/clear.
it is opaque in color.

btw, i was a bit confused about its price. in girltalk, they said that it was around 375 pesos only then the sa told me it was 595!?! i was astounded and asked the cashier to check the real price which is 445 pesos. ohh i just find it weird.

i got my grades for legal medicine - 86% and epa (election law and public administration) - 93%..
P.S. Thank you LORD.. :D


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  1. i haven't tried any TFS products yet..
    ill keep this in mind if i go there..

  2. hi!! thanks for following! ill be following too! btw, how'd you put your signature at the end of your blog?

  3. I really wish I bought this instead of the other base...oh well, I'll just use it up first then buy this one. I'll just have to look for lots of reviews so I can see if the oil control factor really works. If only I had all the money in the world!

    Thanks for posting your initial thoughts on it.

    I love your layout!

  4. hmm. it depends, how big is your primer anyway? 30 ml costs 375 (or so I know it is 375) want it tew since I have one hella oily skin.

    so sweet of you to comment on my last entry ^_^ sun kissed goddess is too much flattery~ thank you for your comment :D

  5. ^^ gia!! mine is 30 ml.. how come mine costs 445????? grrr,,

  6. Congratulations on the good grades! ♥ IDOOOOL. Haha. :]

  7. thanks Cheysser.. those grades are given by kind professors.. the rest of my professors give grades as low as 37.. :S

    @ gia: thanks.. i just hope i was the one who make my own layout.. i really want something more personalized.. but i am dumb when it comes to computer application.. :S

  8. I've heard of good reviews about this, too. Is it really worth it? :)

  9. hi teeyah.. uhmm.. i am not sure when it comes to people with oily skin.. for me, it is an okay product.. nothing to fuzz about since i have dry skin and my face barely get shiny and all that.. but i have noticed that it kept my foundation stay put for hours.. :D

  10. hi! i just started following your blog! its really nice that you feature and use affordable make-up products. have you tried Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel as a Foundation Primer? it is suppose to have the same effect of Smashbox Photofinish Primer, and it only cost aroung 300+ pesos. you can find it on ebay.. :D

  11. hi anne!! no, i have not tried monistat yet.. thanks for the visit and the recommendation.. :D


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