random stuffs

i gained weight.. again.
summer means lots of eating and sleeping for me.
i know i should stop whining and start exercising to lessen my flabs.. :S
yesterday was my little sister's 9th birthday.

^this was taken years ago. apparently, she's insane like me.

i cooked spaghetti for the family..
we had dinner at san mig by the bay.
it was a treat by my lola who arrived from new york the other day.

oysters... i saw mr. bean puked when he ate this. i did not taste this at all.

my barenaturals flat top brush was broken.
i have been noticing that it was shedding like crazy (which is not normal)
then when i was washing it, the whole head came off.. weird.
i have used this for almost a year and i really loved it!
now, my dilemma is finding a replacement.. perhaps i'll try edm.

i chance upon this brush set when i accompanied my mama to divisoria (the bargain paradise)
i got this for 80 pesos. i can't believe that the bristles are sooo soft.
i have sensitive skin (super) but i experienced no scratchy feel upon using the blush brush in applying mmu all over my face.

^^falsies for 25 pesos.


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  1. whoopee!
    hurray for those nice brushes!

    EDM brushes are really soft...
    & so is Ecotools...

    Try Ecotools first because its cheaper..though i haven't actua

    Thanks for following my blog!

  2. I heard Ecotools is really good...and under 12 dollars for the entire set. I'd get it but I'm waiting for my Elianto brush set to die (won't be long, it's really crappy. I'll be posting a review soon). That's so sad, to have a brush casualty! :(

    OMG makeup :D for cheap! Divi is heavennnn. But I don't get to go there much, sigh sigh.

  3. ^^thanks chrissy and thiamere.. i might be getting the 5 pc brush set from makeup masala.. i am really lemming on them for quite some time now.. but i really wanted a flat top brush coz i don't know if a kabuki brush or the powder blush will give the same effect as that of a flat top brush.. :s

  4. I wouldn't know if the kabuki/flat top would have the same effect...but I do use a powder brush and it gives really good coverage!

    I think ate Nikki (askmewhats.com) did a review about ecotools brushes some time ago, if I'm not mistaken she said that the powder brush in the 5pc brush set gives pretty good coverage. :)

  5. yes sis, try EDM or blusche for the FT replacement. btw, is that set from divi animal or synthetic?

  6. awwww she is so cute! just like her big sis!

  7. @crystal: thanks.. i might try them..

    @ vanessa: omg.. a comment from you.. i think i'm gonna faint.. :S i sooo love you and your blog!!!as in...

  8. ^crystal, the brush is synthetic,, :D


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