smoky midnight purple

it was a boring Sunday morning so i decided to play with makeup.

Smoky midnight purple EOTD

1.) Prime lids (careline eyestick in platinum)

2.) Apply metallic blue e/s on the lid.
(i use my favorite lancome e/s quad, this is just a sample but i really love it.
this is very handy. it never leaves my makeup kit.)

3.) Apply purple shadow base on the crease towards the outer V.

4.) Sweep over violet e/s on the crease and outer v.
(i use covergirl e/s quad in ice princess)

5.) Apply gold shimmery e/s above the violet e/s.

6.) Highlight brow bone with matte beige e/s
Line the upper lashline with black eyeliner and on the lower
lashline top apply violet e/s or eyeliner then top it off with black eyeliner.

camwhoring time : @_@

^^sporting a distorted look.. :p
i was thinking of dying my hair.. it looks so black. i wonder if
ash brown or other shade of brown would suit ME.. :S


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  1. very pretty Donna! :) you are so good!

  2. Hi! This is a pretty look. :D I think you would look hot with more brown looking hair. ^_^

    PS, Gia and I are having a contest, check it out and join if you can! <3

  3. @nehs!! thanks!! mwah..

    @ gia:thanks for the comment,, and yay!! contest!!! woot!!!:D i am still in doubt whether brown would look good on me.. i just feel that my hair is too boring.. :S

  4. Hi girl, thanks for stopping by my blog and for that swwet comment. ^^

    I really like this look, so sexy and great for a night out!

  5. such a pretty look & nicely done!

  6. ^ hi aika.. unfortunately they do.. that is why i apply artdeco base to let it stay put longer.. but i just love that these eyesticks are really pigmented, creamy and easy to blend.. great for intensifying the colors.

  7. heyyy thanks for following. im following you too. btw how did you do your signature?

  8. hey girl hey!!! thanks for the link! btw nice look!

  9. you look great, the e/s is very pretty. following :)

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  11. i like it - your pics always come out so nice and bright!

    good job, and that quad looks like you put it to good use - i need to stop buying new things and use the ones i have lol

  12. ^^tHANKs ms. yaya.. it took me a a lot of takes before getting the right angle and color. my eyes would get squinted because of the flash..

    i promised myself to use the make up i buy before they expire!:D But splurging takes is really fun!! it takes the stress away..

  13. Hey! This looks so pretty!
    And you're beautiful!

  14. oh, i love these colours. very pretty!

  15. Love this, the use of high-end and budget friendly products. It looks beautiful and you do too! If you wanna see my version of this look then go here;


  16. are fashion 21 eyesticks crease?

  17. such a pretty look & nicely done!


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