UST Faculty of Civil Law Leadership Training Seminar

I was really uncertain if I should join this seminar.
My dilemma is grounded on the fact that i'll be gone from home for 3 days
(no tv, intenet and no signal!damn!!!)
plus the fact that i hardly know the people i will be with.
Mingling with new people was never my cup of tea.
However, my trepidations turned out to be all wrong.
The LTS was a blast!!!!

i met new friends,
sang till dawn (3:30am) with the videoke queens,
laughed my heart out,
and acquired new found wisdom from my new friends and dean abad.

my pledge of commitment.

with ate janelle and jeff.

room mates.

bonding time

juniors with Dean Abad

washing the dishes

TEAM B! (beauty, brains and body)

bonfire by the shore.


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