Haul: Rimmel Vinyl Glosses & NYC smooth mineral kit from ebay

Deluxe Beauty Elastic Lipgloss in Dean - 64.00 Php
N.Y.C. Smooth Mineral Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Kit in Sultry-116.00 Php
Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Mmmm - 88.00 Php
RimmelVinyl Stars in Star Kissed - 88.00 Php
RimmelVinyl Stars in Movie Star 88.00 Php
RimmelVinyl Stars in Liquid Asset - 88.00 Php

I received this the other day. 1 item was not included on the first shipping and it's only today that i received it. Aren't these stuffs cheap?I love 'em all. To those who are asking,, i bought these stuffs on ebay.ph.. :D

N.Y.C. Smooth Mineral Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Kit in Sultry
Pure gentle mineral delivers blendable coverage and sensational color! Use wet or dry for lining, coloring, contouring or highlighting.

I was really intrigued with this one because of the mineral thing on its name. The colors are really nice imo. Perfect when applied wet but the color does not show up when dry. I am excited to use this one because i have only used black liquid eyeliner on my upper lash line. It will be fun playing with colors. :D

^ these have nice subtle shimmers :D

^ it comes with a small applicator which I must learn how to use.

^swatch time.. I applied it using a mixing medium. The colors turned out really vibrant.

Deluxe Beauty Elastic Lipgloss in Dean
High sparkle glosses in kissable colors give you the prefect pout every time. This spring-like gel formula glides on your lips with extra shine.

This is my fave from this haul! The color is very very nice,, it looks neon pink on the tub but sheer pink when applied. The shimmer is not noticeable at all. The consistency of this gloss is that of a balm. Not sticky at all. :D However, I was shocked that it was abit small than i imagined it would be. It is only 5.4 grams.

Rimmel Vinyl Glosses
The vinyl stars are really sheer with pretty shimmers while the vinyl gloss is opaque in color.They smell sooo good. Reminds me of oranges. :D The consistency is not thick nor too watery.

Movie Star - Sheer red with gold flecks and red shimmers.
This would look perfect on top of red lipstick. :D

^^ this looked really brown on the tube but it is really nice on the lips. :D

Mmmm -this is a very nice brownish peach nude (i am not good with description. :C)
i also love this. I could wear this alone. :D

Star Kissed: shear peachy pink color with tons of micro gold flecks which is really pretty. :D
I could not capture the gold shimmers perfectly :C One review in makeupalley said that it reminds her of nars lipgloss in orgasm.

Liquid Asset - very sheer shimmery fucshia pink. I bought this because of the 5/5 rate at makeupalley. I really thought the pink shade will show up on my lips but to my dismay it was really sheer but this would be perfect on my everbilena matte pink lipstick.

**P.S. : Please don't laugh at my thick lips.. :P**


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  1. All stuffs looks very lovely! So pretty colors 'n stuff!
    also you have so pretty lips shape :D

  2. ooh nice haul! where did you get them from?

  3. i like mmmm and star kissed!

  4. Nice haul Donna...they're really affordable. I haven't tried Rimmel before. I'll wait for your reviews and FOTD hehehe. and you don't have thick lips...they're ok for me :)

  5. I like the mmmm shade! you have full lips which are nice, sis. ^_^

  6. my fav. too, lipgloss in dean. looks really pretty!

    nice haul donna! where did you bought them?


  7. Eek! I like the lipglosses! I feel like going to our Kmart to get some! Haha (:

    Ahh! I like your lips! I wish mine would be more fuller :(

  8. nice haul!
    how come whenever i check ebay i always miss out on this fab finds...hehe
    ur so lucky ha!

    i love that peach gloss
    it suits your lips!

  9. you always find such great bargains. i like the movie star shade of the lipgloss :)

  10. @anastacia: thanks dear.. their colors are really nice.. :D

    @crystal: i bought these from ebay.ph.. :D

    @chomsiri: i love these colors too.. :D

    @kim: this is also my first time to try rimmel.. :D i'll be doing FOTD's soon.. :D

    @pammy: thanks sis.. you're from UST din pala? msg you later.. :D

    @nehs: ebay.ph.. quite addicting actually..

    @cheysser: i wish mine was thinner.. :C

    @Soapaholic: weehh.. thanks dear.. :D

    @ida: i love bargains.. check ebay.ph you'll find great products not available locally. :D

    Thanks girls.. :D

  11. hi! thanks for following =)

    btw, your lips are gorgeous and i like how you do your eye make-up...PERFECT!

  12. Wow, nice haul!! I really should look around e-bay more. x.x

  13. ohh im loving the glosses! :D
    what store in ebay did you get them? :D
    the deluxe beauty gloss is nice too; reminds me of MAC's tinted lip conditioners :]

  14. how do you like the vinyl glosses??
    I think I might thry 'em out. I like mmmm
    so pretty!

  15. @noi: the name of the seller is wackywancho..:D

    @fifi: they are okay.. they have two variants stars and gloss.. i love vinyl gloss more the in mmmm because the color payoff is really nice.. :D the glosses are fine.. :D i have not tried them on long though so i don't know if they are drying or if they have good staying power. :D

  16. love the haul! those eyeshadows are really vibrant! and nice swatches =]

  17. No one would make fun of your lips, they look prefect! :) Most people would kill for full lips like that!

  18. ^thanks mskryztall and dana,, :D

  19. ^thanks mskryztall and dana,, :D


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