makeup organizer + fashion21 2 way foundation review

I finally got a new makeup organizer. My two makeup kit looks full and messy! i have a hard time looking for eye pencils. i have to rummage through the pile of blushes, e/s and glosses before i find the one i am looking for. it is eating a lot of my time when doing fotd's. and i just hate looking for something. :S here is my very humble collection. i really don't have much. my collection accumulated and decreased through the years. yes, i throw things when i feel like they are expired. Don't expect much on my collection. i just have all the things i need and use. I am still a student (scholar of mom and dad.. hehe) so i do not buy those that i may not be able to use. I promise to hoard big time when i graduate from law school and buy my first mac collection on my first pay check as a lawyer.. hehe

my makeup kits ( is this the right plural form?) a lancome big makeup pouch and a plastic container (looks like a lunch box.. LOL)

first layer: my foundations and powders
i love foundations. way back in college, i have tried a lot from bloom, mac, revlon, maybelline, mary kay, fasio, ellana minerals, cover girl to in2it.. everything that i can get my hands on (but not those pricey ones.. hehe) i am a foundation freak. :S I almost forgot how many and the names and brands that i have tried.

2nd layer: my blushes.. i love blushes but i don't wear it everyday. :S i have thrown a lot of blushes and sold some too.. there was a time i got in love with bloom scc (sheer colour creme) but i eventually sold them too.. i love the lavender scent! :D

3rd layer: lippies :D

4th: eye stuffs.. the coastal scents palette is not here. :D

5th layer: random stuffs (those that could not fit into their respective drawers)

the only things that are left in the pouch are these: ( i removed the max factor in the drawer.. it could not close hehe)

Hi liz,, a reader asked me to write a review on the fashion 21 2 way foundation with milk moisturizers. First of all, i have dry and sensitive skin. Further, i just want to remind readers that stuffs that i like or those that work for me may eventually don't have the same effect to others. This is basically my honest opinion about the stuffs i used. :D

i always see this foundation but never gave it a try because of my notion the local products will break me out. i was so wrong.. this one is good in terms of coverage. the texture is creamy and powdery which i like. :D a few buffs here and there and i am good to go. the powder blends and melts with my skin because i moisturize my skin well before using it.i have been using this since i have bought it and in terms of oil control. it is pretty decent in keeping my oilies at bay. however, take note that i have dry skin. The areas that would get oily at mid day would be my forehead and cheeks.. i love the fact that it looked dewy and it does not looked washed out when i perspire. :D It has medium coverage though not actually buildable because when you add more it tends to be cakey and fake. :S But a few spritz of evian and it blends instantly on my skin again. :D The fact that I have dry skin and it does not aggarvate it is a plus factor for me. :D Another plus factor is the scent, it is really mild and it does smell like powdered milk. hehe The downside is the poor color selection. i have mentioned that it looks perfect for my shade and at times it just look dark.. although, this does not i checked no. 2 and i find it really light. :S i don't know the effect when applied on my skin,, it might look okay. For 185 pesos,, i would probably repurchase it for everyday wear. :D

For comparison: the top picture is without the foundation and the lower one is the one with foundation. (excuse the red bump on the cheek and forehead.. :P) i only applied moisturizer underneath the foundation. :D


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  1. Hey!
    I love makeup organizer!
    I have a pink one and a blue one.
    I hate it too when my make-ups
    are :)

  2. Love your collection! I want to have a storage like you! But something pink or something ;) Eeee!

  3. i dont have any organizer or vanity thingy!! bummer i really need to have some of this.

  4. i love your make-up organizer hun! It is sooo cuteee!!! I'd like to get one specifically in baby pink hehe...

  5. OMGOSH I NEEEEEED THAT ORGANIZER! mine currently only has 3 drawers and it's not even to separate all the different things i have!!!

  6. great collection! i love seeing everyone else's stash. thanks for sharing!

    ps. i didn't know l'oreal's true match has a pump!?

  7. whow! How many cosmetics!!!!

  8. where did you get that organizer? I love it! please let me know.

  9. Digging around for make up does take up a lot of time. I knew it was time to get an organizer for my make up when I noticed compacts or jars would open and make another total mess. bleh.

    Its fun organizing it too, huh? :P

  10. What are you talking about, gurl?!! your makeup stash is awesome! Mine is a lot smaller, really. You're lucky you can get to try all those great products.

    And guess what,
    I got a makeup storage just like that except it's turquoise color and it has only 3 layers. Oh, and I also HATE looking for something, lol!

  11. I have that same exact organizer but it's not loaded with makeup. Love your makeup collection sis!

  12. I have a storage like that too, They are very handy. Great collections and I think with or without makeup you are still beautiful. :-)

  13. Great collection! Very organized!
    So exciting to watch everybody colection :D

  14. I usually only apply moisturizer underneath my foundation also!

  15. Girl! You have enough makeup collection! lol who said it's a small collection? how dare you! lol thanks for sharing and I love organizing stuffs too and the Fashion 21 foundation looks great on you! it covers everything :)

  16. thanks! hope this works for me too! :)

  17. what a cute makeup organizer. love the light green color. i see a lot of nice things in your collection too. it's fun looking through your palette drawer especially. :)

  18. yey for organization! the japan home store has one w/ 3 drawers for only P88! thought you might like to know that :D

  19. That's not a small collection. :P

    Oh, can you tell me how the Span primer from the face shop is??

  20. love the new organizer- and that two way cake is really awesome!!

  21. You call that small?! I don't think so! LOL. =)

    Awesome stuff! I need to get myself a makeup organizer as well. Thanks for sharing this Donna!

  22. @shantee: the makeup organizer helps a lot.. hehe

    @cheysser: i was supposed to get the pink one..errr.. i did not like the shade that much it looked dirty,, haha

    @shobe: it took me years to finally get one for myself.. never too late., hehe
    @nikki: thanks.. organizing is fun ..
    @anastacia: i also love looking at other people's collection..

    @rochelle: thanks dear,, so sweet.. i feel ugly without makeup.. too many imperfections.. :S

    @golden: thanks.. i have a few only imo.. and they are not that pricey..

    @fifi: i think my collection lessened i did throw many stuffs..

    @mymy: its uber fun.. hehe

    @maggie: i wanted purple or baby pink too..

    @jenny: the 5 drawers is enough for my small collection.. :D

    @a. rose: yes,, they have pump bottle.. :D

    @Dana: i have super dry skin.. i need moisturizer underneath no matter how humid phils. is.

    @liz: hope it work for you..
    @jannie: thanks dear.. green looks clean.. hehe

    @kaz: yay.. did not know that.. i bought mine at sm department store for 180 pesos

    @chrissy: i made an initial review before.. i will try to make one review for you.. i don't use it that much though i will really try.. :D

    @whit: thanks dear

    @jen:thanks dear.. get one too.. it's really nice..

  23. wow that's lot of make up!

    thnx for the review i might try that foundation! I'm a drugstore make up sucker lol.

  24. owwwwhh wow!!lots of "toys"..btw, wat camera r u using? ur close-up photos was so clear!


  25. hi kavuks.. i use sony cybershot dsc-w110.. :D

  26. I have that same exact organizer but it's not loaded with makeup. Love your makeup collection sis!

  27. whow! How many cosmetics!!!!


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