Personal Post: Tagaytay getaway with Landz


My weekend was spent with the best people i have ever met in college. We spent our 2009 summer reunion (this has been our tradition from the time we graduated to keep in touch) in Ponderosa farm in Tagaytay. The house where we stayed was owned by tiffany's uncle and it was beautiful!! here are a few pictures of the house:

^the door is so huge!!

The house is really nice noh?! At night time,, it isn't anymore. T_T It was really scary to hear creepy sounds downstairs. The room where we stayed was like haunted. My room mates jess and chat did not get that much sleep. I, on the other hand, slept good. (i was really tired and all that even the ghost can't prevent me from sleeping.. :D) Jess did most of the cooking but all of us tried to help.

jessy showing off her cooking skills.. :D

We are trying to create fire here!!! Toni was so good at it,, haha :D

^^the haunted room.. yay!! hahaha my room mates jess and chasmeneth (happy mother's day!! you know what i mean. )

^ never ending stories..

^and never ending laughters. :D
I love you guys so much ^ tear here^

i have my own camwhoring moments too.. :D

^ told yah.. i love the gigantic door. :D

P.S. i love you gels (girls) so much.. long live our friendship. woohooo


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  1. Wow those are fantastic pictures! My husband is German and Chinese but has Filipino influences because his adoptive mother is Filipina his mothers side of the family is from Cebu and he's been there like 4 or 5 times he tells me it's BEAUTIFUL there, he's been to Manila and he says he likes Cebu more.

  2. Oh and i LOOOOVE your silver wedges!

  3. @vanessa: thanks.. manila is not really a good destination if you're seeking the wonders of nature,, hehe i have never been to cebu but i bet it looks better than manila.. :D the silver wedges is only cheap i bought it on sale for 300 pesos that would be less than 6 US dollars.. :D

    @soapaholic:thanks dear.. :D

  4. So funny time you spent!
    Great pix!

  5. Wow youre from the philippines? or you just visited?

  6. wow i loove the house! and thats crazy, i wouldnt sleep in a haunted room, i probably would never sleep the whole night.. lol pretty pics btw =]

  7. ^thanks sis kim.. :D

    Mzkystall, the ghost thing was really nerve wracking hehe

  8. aww tagaytay!
    looks like y'all had lotsa fun ^_^

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