Blast From the Past TAG (picture overload) + Blogger Giveaways

I did not sleep well last night,,, HUHU.. first day of school jitters is freaking me out!I slept around 2am and woke up 6:30.. I should be in school @ 12pm because there is a meeting for fraternity/sorority recruitment and i should be there because I am the master initiator of my sorority.. Weehh.. I decided to do this tag by Louise. This is an "old pictures tag",, you have to post old pictures of yourself. Being a camwhore, I have loads of 'em.. LOL Most pictures are taken 3-4 years ago back in college and with my old canon camera.

With my French cousin, Raymond.. This picture was taken during my grandparents' golden anniversary. I am in my 2nd or 3rd yr of colllege. I love this picture because my blush here looks so natural. I used clinique's powder blush in mocha pink.. :D

^with my best friend, kaycee..she is now in Canada,, I miss her so much.. I am in first year college of law. Could you see my curls?? I have had my hair curled before but it made me look like Hagrid.. huhuhu i have a hard time maintaining it so i cut my hair short.. LOL

^^ while inside our van going to the bayan (market) in batangas (our province) Do you think short hair looks good on me?? I want to cut my hair but BF is preventing me from doing so.. :S

^^ college pictures

^^ college graduation with mom and dad.. eekk.. we are all in green.. it is only now that i realized it.. after 3 years... LOL (I am so fat.. look atmy flabby arms)

taken last year.. i got a wrong shade of foundation from avon. I looked like a ghost i played it with it before giving it away...

With my bestfriends in college..

^^ Inside my room with college buddies (LANDZ).. this is where i put my makeup and where i take pictures.. I told yah i have a big window..

^^^ With BF having lunch. he looks weird here.. LOL

what's your favorite make up look?
smokey eyes.. hihi i love it when my eyes look sexy..

do you have beauty vice?

YES!! I love foundations and i tend to buy foundations online (a lot) and i always end up getting the wrong shade,, then realizing that just wasted money i will promise myself never to buy foundations online but there is a provern 100% chance of breaking that promise.

what part of body do you love?
My dimples and collar bone. LOL

who is your favorite icon?
Audrey Hepburn!!! She's a classic beauty and her enduring popularity because of her fashion style is beyond comparison.

what beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy.
eyeliner. :D

how do you look after you skin?

I do not wear makeup that much.. I only wear powder but if I will not go anywhere I do not put anything on my face. I let my face breathe!!

what is your signature scent?
Morgan Love de Toi.. :D

what are your hair care secrets?
I trim once every two months. :D

how do you pamper yourself

EAT, EAT and EAT...



what would your desert island must haves to be?
family, friends and BF!!I need to survive.. therefore I need MY LIFE.

do you have beauty philosophy

What is beauty if the brain is empty???? (NOT a joke..)


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** Wish me Luck on my First Day of SCHOOL!!!


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  1. you fat?!
    no way!
    you're not,hun!
    you're sexyyyyyyyyy!

    i think doble mo ako

  2. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway sweetie! I can't live w/out my computer and fridge either :)

    Your pictures all look so sweet, I want your cute dimples!!!

    Gluck w/ your first day of school :)

  3. haha I always entertain everytime you post and update ...mine is kinda boring lol.. You certainly provide an element of entertaining .. :)

    yep !you're bit chubby before..but look at yourself you come out of shell .. mas lalo kang naging attractive and PRETTY!

  4. good luck on your first day <33
    and you looked pretty back then && now :]

  5. good luck, girl! i don't have MF classes so my first will be tomorrow pa haha.

    wow, you still look the same. short hair is ok but long is better :D

  6. You have great skin! :) and an M.I.? Wow :)

  7. long hair or short hair, any cut or style looks beautiful on your very beautiful self. :D

    hmm... fat??? where??? girl, i don't think you ever were fat. more like fabulous to me. :D

    oh yeah, cool art attack eyeshadow look on the previous post. artist na top model pa. :D

  8. You are way too cute and pretty in your pictures. If I look for pictures over 2 years ago, I'm makeupless :T

  9. Its impossible for you to be fat. LOL. those are not chubby arms. They are cute arms. Everything about you is cute. but when you do your smokey eyes, it is pretty sexy.

  10. I love looking at throwback pictures! And you're so cuuuute! hehe!

  11. AWE! So sweet pictures at all! you're too cute!

  12. Lovely don't look much different :)

  13. You looked pretty before and now! I agree that eyeliner makes me feel good haha! On days I don't put on my liquid eyeliner I feel naked.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  14. Pretty!
    and I agree with Hana,
    you don't look much different from time to time.

  15. wow. you're lucky you got the lash glue that comes with a brush. hmm... that's got me thinking. i can use a brush to apply glue on the lashes. hehe... thanks for mentioning the lash glue brush. :D i'm going to try my luck again with lashes thanks to your suggestion with the brush. :D

    oh yeah, good luck on your first day of school. back to school nga pala diyan sa pinas. :D

  16. Pish!!! You don't have flabby arms! And your curls are much MUCH cuter than Hagrid's LOL

  17. youre so gorgeous in all your pictures :)

  18. Hubby too doesn't want me to cut my hair. :-<

  19. Hey donnarence! I nominated you for some awards! :D


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