Denmark Love from Chi+ mini haul

Another package came this morning. :D This time, it is from CHI. She chose me as a 2nd runner up in her spring contest. YAY.. thanks so much chi.. :D My maid got the package at the P.O. I got the package unsealed. :C I wonder if they got something,, I am really worried.. tsk tsk.. I think it is a glaring case of invasion of privacy. I do not care if it is an SOP.. they must wait for the addressee himself/herself before opening it. tsk tsk I am really getting annoyed with the P.O. in my place. I bet there are thousand of mail pilferage cases and i also bet 100% that the government does nothing. They do not care about anything. Ok,, enough venting my rants against the PO. :C

^^ Is'nt she the sweetest? your message was so touching.. :D

^^ the front portion of the post card.. :D

^^ gosh lipglosses.. wow.. high shine gloss that is very pigmented. I wonder if Chi is a psychic.. hihi I was really looking for a wonderful red and deep red lippies.. :D and these are gorgeous.

^^ Gosh waterproof liner in grass green. WOW!! I do not have any decent green eyeliner and this one is really pretty.. I was thinking of wearing it at PCD's concert.

weehh.. polishes.. pink rose, the 1st one is super pretty..

^ gosh quad

^^ these reminded me of nivea lipbalms. i am excited to try these coz i always have chapped lips.. Thanks again Chi for these wonderful prizes... you made my day. :D ** I did not post the pictures of the chocolates,, i munch them immediately while taking pictures.. hihi i love chocolates. Chocolates are akin to ambrosia for my taste buds.. YUM


Finally, my mini haul. I ordered jojoba oil and emu oil from passion berries. This is storeeland's site. I think they have the most affordable natural oil in the market. Both costs 120 pesos for 10 ml. I swear by emu oil and the wonders it gives to the skin.I am prone to rashes, red and rough ones. Emu oil helps in healing my rashes and made my skin smoother. I bought pure jojoba oil because it is perfect for dry skin. I will do my mini review soon. :D I also bought these because of Soapaholic's fantabulous initial review with these products. Check it out here. They are both unscented which is a big factor. Also, the glass pump bottle looks so neat and hygienic to use. :D
I also bought avon retractable liner in cosmic brown. I am hoping this is comparable to revlon colorstay eyeliner.

^shade: cosmic brown


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  1. nice donna! hurrah for prizes! :) very very nice blog hope you can still update despite law school. tofifee is one of my favorites! btw nag MTG si jerold diba. nalaman ko kay genico, its so cool, they're into magic and we're into makeup! :)

  2. that's cool!
    congrats on that..
    lovely package!

    i always see this emu oil everywhere but i haven't got around to trying it...

    do a review..

    i really wanna see if it really does work

  3. congrats on your loot! your package was open? naku thankfully hindi pa nangyayari sa akin yan. pangit talaga ang PO system natin :P

  4. Wow! Great Hauls! Lucky you always winning contests! Have a great day!

  5. love the haul! and girl, u winning contests like theres no tomorrow! so luckyyy! i dont think u need to buy anymore makeup. haha

  6. omg toffifi is the sh*t!! i love those!

  7. aww congrats on winning :D

    nice haul! i want to see reviews about the oils :D

  8. another blessing congrats!

  9. girl you been getting packages from everywhere! cool stuff! :D

  10. congrats to all the prizes once more!
    aww..that sucks how mail gets opened. i think if that happened in canada..the gov't would never hear the end of it.

  11. I didn't like the Nivea balms, the moisture doesn't last very long and I always find myself re-appyling it. I hope those labella one's are good. Where are they from? I'd like to try it. :)

  12. congrats on the package, too bad it was unsealed...but i don't think PO peeps will not be interested in beauty do they know? lol

  13. won't emu oil breakout skin because it's oil? ahaha. congrats, you've been winning stuff lately :D !

  14. looks like the colors from gosh cosmetics are very vibrant and pigmented. the eyeshadow quad looks pretty.

    haha... the chocolate looks very delicious. :)

    yes, green liner would look great for the PCD concert.

    as for UDPP, i am so glad i bought it yesterday. i super love it.

    take care. :)

  15. wow those lebello lip things really look exactly like Nivea...and the nail polishes look so cute =)

  16. nice prizes. i like the 2nd polish. and you got a kanebo polish!!!! keep those wonderful entries coming! ^_^

    yeah, your PO sucks. it is indeed an invasion. >_<

  17. You got it goin' on in the prize department my dear :) But you are sooooo talented, you deserve them more then you know!!!!!
    Such pretty lippies, it's hard to find ones so pigmented sometimes huh!

  18. @mary: yeah,, saw genico last saturday.. :D

    @thiamere: thanks girl.. :D

    @crystal: thanks dear..

    @gaby: they look so nice.. :D

    @Shar: thanks.. hihi just my luck..

    @krystal: LOL there's never enough for an addict.. hihi

    @danica krizia: yummy super..

    @izumi: thanks i will be making one later..

    @L: thanks..

    @chom: i also think its cool.. :D

    @miu:thanks.. i dunno what is happening to our govt, damn.

    @debi: LOL hihi i just thought they would get something.. they all look suspicious..

    @kaz: no it won't.. it is actually good in healing acne..

    @jannie: that sounds good to hear.. wish i will my own udpp too..

    @stacy: they do.. i am excited to try them..

    @adrienne:chi, the one who sent me the package is from denmark.. :D probably it is available there.. :D

  19. congrats girl!! you have so much cute goodies :)

  20. WHat a lucky lucky girl to have such great goodies :)

  21. WHat a lucky lucky girl to have such great goodies :)

  22. That is not right that you get your mail unsealed! >=0 Gosh, that would really suck if they took something.

  23. Hi girl!

    Tell me about unsealed packages, it happens to me 1 out of 5 times and it's SO annoying!!

    Looks like everything is there, I can't wait to see future looks of yours with the cosmetics ^^.

    Congrats again, you're a well-deserved winner! (^o^)/

  24. Wow! Another package? You deserve them! You're so gooooood in the contest! :)

  25. emu oil eh? I gotta try that out. I tried bio oil and it didn't really work... so time ti try something new!

    Congrats on another package!!

  26. The postcard is absolutely gorgeous!

  27. daim!! i love those chocolates! they're super yummy! haha.

    oooh, gosh polishes! i heard those are nice.

    enjoy your prizes!!

  28. thanks girls.. :D

    @ chi: i dont know.. i think it is there standard operating procedure to check the package.. because there are some stuffs that are prohibited so they are on the look for it..


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