light e/s attempt + liquid foundation application for shiana

Light e/s attempt

Hi everyone.. :D I know you have seen me in bold, wild and smokey colors.. One thing I can not do well until now is light and everyday makeup. I really have a hard time choosing the right colors and just making it light. I tend to overdo it all the time. :C I am envious with some asian bloggers who just look so flawless with light makeup! yay! So,, here is my attempt to light e/s.. I think it looks ok. how about you?

Products Used: 78 pc. e/s palette from coastal scents avon makeup fresh radiance makeup base as primer avon super shock mascara nichido liquid eyeliner milani color brilliance in black

^ i had this for quite some time now but never used that much. perhaps used this 2x as blush highlighter. I really thought it would be comparable with the body shop's glow enhancer but to my dismay.. it is not even an inch at par with it.. i tried using it today as e/s base. And i liked it. The consistency is also great. Very blendable. It does not add that much vibrancy to e/s but it does make my e/s stay in place. yey.. so,, this thing will not go to waste after all..

^^ lids with fresh radiance makeup base.. blended with foundation. see.. not noticeable..


Next stop,, Shiana, a reader, asked me how do i apply my liquid foundation. I perceive liquid foundation as a base rather a foundation that you could use by itself. I am using Maybelline Angelfit foundation which I really love.. consistency wise and coverage. :D I also have L'oreal True match in nude amber (a darker shade of golden beige foundation) I hate looking ghostly on the pictures and in real life so i mixed both foundations to get my perfect shade. crazy? i think it is ingeniuos.. haha well, girls like me who is neither fair nor dark are probably the ones who have the hardest time looking for perfect color match.. (just my weird opinion.. hihi) So,, here are my simple steps to liquid foundation application.

I have dry skin so i make sure my skin is well moisturized before anything else. Other people would apply primer first.. but i always skip this part that is why i sold my the face shop span primer at ebay..
^^my moisturizer is st. ives.



On not so busy days, I use foundation brush (elf) in applying liquid foundation. I just wished I have a softer and fuller foundation brush because using foundation brush rather than your fingers is better,, imo. It is more hygienic and the application is more even. :D (Any recommendation on cheap foundation brush other than ecotools?)


Conceal dark spots or other impurities. I use VOV concealer and I finish it with a layer of powder foundation or mineral foundation. :D

^^ please don't mind my puffy eyes and chapped lips.. just me with foundation.. :S
( i told yah i look boring without makeup.. hahaha)

** UST suspended the classes for next week because of the (H1N1) virus.. Instead of being alarmed,, I was quite happy.. yay.


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  1. i think it has good how many times did you used it?

    lol g heller you dont look boring without make up on gah! atleast you have small frame face which is really good in the pix .. unlike like me palapad pwahaha

  2. Me encantan todos tus maquillajes! Ojalá tuviera tus ojos para no tener que hacer la linea del ojo tan grande!


  3. you look great with any look! From Bold, light, and natural. You are naturally pretty. I wish I can rock bold colors like you!

    The Coastal Scents has a good foundation brush. I think. . .

    H1N1 virus?! haha, I'd be partly happy, and partly scared.

  4. Hmmm I should try coastal scents eye make up... I usually find that light colors don't show up as well as dark colors espeically light pink and yellow. And I don't think you look boring without make up! I think you look great!!

  5. @L: naku,, malapd ang face ko girl,, nyork,, hihi

    @lucia,, i went to babelfish to translate what you said.. uhmm is it correct? to line my eyes not that bold?? err,,, ? is that right??

    @ mymy: thanks dear.. yay... really scary if i get hit by that virus,, :S hopefully i wont.

  6. love the light eyeshadow, its different from the looks i've seen! so far bagay sau :D

  7. hi i just swatched Maybelline Angelfit. which colour are you? i couldn't seem to find a match for me. thanks

  8. thanks for reply. it's too bad that you also find it a bit light. i would like to try this foundation as it feels nice. :)

  9. i love the colors!! very pretty.

    lol for not being alarmed bout the H1N1. i heard bout that too because my cousin goes to dlsu and she said classes were suspended. be careful, though. ;-)

  10. i love that pinky-yellowish eyelook. perfect for summer :) you look great with or without makeup noh :p a true filipina beauty :)

  11. love this look!

    shocks! may A(H1N1) naba sa UST????? Mavis is studying there too kasi.

  12. Ooh, nice yellow and pink. I think I tried those colors once, but I didn't quite like the way it turned out. i didnt like the pink I used. But your look is really pretty! (:

  13. hmmm..i know that the face shop have a foundation brush the last time i went there i saw just not sure about the price though...

    maybe if i order on toma ill order an ecotools foundation brush for you!

    ive wanted to try that avon makeup base din..kya lng walang avon lady samin e ..

    want to try it kc its to revlon face primer..

    ekkk! P800!!!

    ill just be buying smashbox photofinish s beauty bar..
    P800 dn lng ung travel size..

  14. thanks for following :D

    i looooooove the light look you did!! it looks gorgeous<3

  15. you're such a cutie! yeah i'm not good with CSS but my husband is. lol i design everything and he does the behind the scenes' work :P

  16. that cs palette really intrigues me XD everyone seems to have it, it must be good no? :D I always use moisturizer too, I dont like the idea putting all make up straight to my skin without anything in between XD if that makes sense haha

  17. You have very beautiful skin my dear!!!

    and you are very good with eyeshadows as well :)

  18. I think its pretty! hehe
    Love your skin! So flawless! :)

  19. eyemakeup looks cute! I tried to photograph light e/s makeup but it doesn't show up. lol i'm such an amateur.

    by the way,
    Maybelline Angelfit breaks me out like CRAZY. It happens all the time with ANY maybelline liquid foundation! I'm sad, because like you said, it gives great coverage..

  20. Hey, Donna! You looks so pretty!
    I like your pinkish yellow look! Very summery! So cute!

  21. wow, a fellow tiger! rawr! ;)

    thanks for the tips...and the avon base okay for sensitive skin???? ;)

  22. i recommend elianto foundie brush! makapal na ang bristles! the SA was so stupid, telling me it was a blush brush. that time i wasn't a makeup person so i didn't really know. when i got home i realized foundie brush pala! haha.

    teka, UST ka? :D

  23. I wish I were still in school so I could be on an extended vacation as well. LOL.

    I love this look on you! It's so fresh and it's something different. =)

  24. lovely eotd! its gorgeous! and your skin is flawless.

  25. light or dark makeup, you do it really well!

  26. Ohhhh sweet girl you are stunning with or without makeup!!!! I love this natural light colour on your eyes, perfect for spring.. waittt it will be summer for all you lucky ducks now :) Meanwhile we are down here shivering in our wooly boots, yuck! That swine flu is FREAKING me out! Stay safe! And thankyou sooo much for your sweet comment, you are such a sweetie! I am crossing my fingers (and toes) that it all works out :)

  27. youre still pretty without the bright makeup and all.

  28. Hey girl~ thanks for stopping by~ That is such a pretty pink you have on! =P

  29. Pink and yellow is such a nice combination. <3 When I first saw the post, I thought you were using this eyeshadow by face shop! Hahaha, the colors are so similar kasi!

  30. i like your light look, you look pretty as usual :)

  31. You still look so pretty even without all the other makeup!


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