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I am back.. Today, I conducted the initiation for the neophytes. It is really tiring.. As promised, this is my entry to Cheysser's contest. I have done this earlier but due to hectic schedule, it is the only time I got to post it. There are countless of adjectives that i could think of when asked about the characteristics of a Filipino. Good or bad, I think these traits are influenced by a lot of things and it dates back in our history during the times of colonization by the Americans and Spaniards. The Filipino culture is a fusion of west meets east. If asked how proud I am to be Filipino, my would definitely be DAMN! 100% I am proud to be one!! Growing up in a very traditional conservative family, I am very much acquainted with the values and history of my country.

Values that I keep as a Filipino

Religious / God centered

85% of Filipinos are predominantly Christians (mostly Roman Catholic). This has been a legacy left by the Spaniards in our country. In every city or town and even barangays, there will always be a chapel or church and in every home of most Filipinos, the altar will never be missed. The picture above is not a picture taken in a church, that is our altar at home. Being brought up in a traditional Filipino family, I was taught by my parents and grandparents
about going to church every Sunday and praying the rosary. As I grew old, I realized that going to church or praying is not an obligation that I must do but it is a manifestation of my faith in Him. During recitations and examinations in school, I would clutched my St. Jude novena or my rosary to drew strength and wisdom from God. I know some find it weird.. but I have been accustomed with these belief in God, the saints and the Virgin Mary. I think the faith of the Filipinos with God helped a lot in alleviating the difficulties in their everyday lives. It gives them HOPE to go on, in looking forward to a brighter future.


Filipinos are also known for being respectful to the elderly. Children are taught to say "po" and "opo" at a very young age to show deference for the elders. Young and old, they are bound to give respect to people older than them, a quality that I am really proud of. "Mano po" as the picture above shows is a gesture of respect and as a greeting to the elderly. Children fighting back or answering their parents is depicted as a taboo to the society due the utmost reverence Filipinos reserve to older people. Filipinos also put women on the pedestal.


Filipinos are also hardworking people. The picture is painting displayed in our home depicting the diligence of our farmers. I believed that our country is a pool for man power resource. OFWs or the overseas workers are noted for their perseverence in various countries around the world. We do not just simply "work'' because Filipinos are known for their dedication in giving their very best in their work.

Love for Family

The family as a basic unit of the society is highly preserved by the Filipinos. Strong family ties are very evident throughout history. The remarkable of Filipino families are beyond compare. I can attest to this fact. We are living with my grandparents and I love that we still are. I have been brought up by the care and love of two mothers, my true mama and my beloved lola "grandmother". I received so much love from my extended family. I have been always very happy being blessed with a family like them. When I grow up and decide to raise my own family, I would opt staying in a big house with my parents and siblingsin it too. I never thought of this as a setback for growth and independence (as most people think) because they will forever be the reason of my hapiness and I want us to stay together through thick and thin. That's what families are for.. isn't it?

Joy and Humor

Filipinos are known to be jolly people. I would never forget the survey that only a few percentage of the Filipinos commit suicide because we tend to see the brighter side of life despite the hardships we are going through.
Some Filipinos would find themselves laughing over their problems in life.I love smiling and laughing too. It is a stress reliever for me. :D

Stereotypes that represents a Filipino

Mabuti ang inaapi..

It is good to be an underdog.

We always have that notion that being an underdog is good. This explains the reason why we are engrossed over telenovelas like Marimar, Mara Clara and current ones like Tayong Dalawa and May Bukas Pa. Filipinos give sympathy to those who are being bossed around by other people. However, such attitude is really not healthy since it tolerates other abusive people to discriminate and degrade our well being.

Maganda ang maputi
Fair skin is beautiful

I believe that we are the whitening capital of the world.. LOL Honestly, women and some men are so obsessed with having fair skin. I am also guilty of this. This brought about the papaya soap craze and the current glutathione fad. Tsk Tsk.. Other nationality are dying to have our color while we are dying to have theirs. LOL

Filipino Time

In the filipino language, when we say 9:00 that would mean 10:00. Some Filipinos have the habit of being late thinking that it is just okay for others to wait for them. This is one of the worst habit, Filipinos have.

Tradition oriented

I will explain this in our own dialect.
Naranasan niyo na bang tumalon tuwing bagong taon? Malamang ang rason ay gusto niyo pang tumangkad sa darating na panahon. Isa lamang ito sa napakaraming tradisyon at kasabihan ng mga Pilipino na ating pinaniniwalaan. Ang ibang halimbawa pa ay:
  1. Nahulog ang kutsara at tinidor : may darating na bisita (ahem.. may psychic powers and mga utensils)
  2. Bawal isukat ang damit pangkasal (subukan niyo,, hindi matutuloy it0)
  3. Bawal magpakasal ang magkapatid sa loob ng isang taon dapat hindi pareho ng taon (sukob ito!)
  4. Bawal mag gupit ng kuko sa gabi (!?!?)
  5. Para swertehin, maglagay ng piso sa loob ng sapatos (ginawa ko na'to,, hindi epektibo..)
  6. Marami pang iba,, hindi ko na maalala.. haha


^^Philippines on my right cheek.. :D


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  1. wow.. map sa face.. mahirap yan *bow.down*.. hehe

  2. I'm glad you embrace your ethnicity and culture. It's so hard to find people in Asian Americans who still value their own cultures (like myself). Your Filipina look is awesome :) You're so creative!

  3. I REALLY LIKE THIS LOOK! I mean, I reeeeeeeeeally like this look. You really did something different. Not the whole, wear the flag on your face (Which isn't bad at all, just over used). but the way you drew out the islands and the sun is amazing. I really hope you win.

  4. This is a GREAT post. I'm happy to know more about Filipinos because we're neighbors, right? Hahahaha :D

    And lol @ the Filipino time thing, actually we have the same issue here. I hate how people here are so ignorant about being on time. :(

    Good luck on the contest, the look you did - SUPERB!

  5. HOLY you are soo good with face painting!! Wow great job, I hope you win! You have my vote ;)

  6. HOLY you are soo good with face painting!! Wow great job, I hope you win! You have my vote ;)

  7. ow wow! i hope u win! very interesting entry=P i love it!~

  8. ow wow! i hope u win! very interesting entry=P i love it!~

  9. Wow! Finally! I'm amazed :) Thanks for entering dear! ♥♥♥

  10. Long time no posting, Donna!
    And wooow! Amazing look and gorgeous Filipino enter!
    Wish you good luck!

  11. ooo this is a very interesting look! :D

  12. wow!
    been a while since your last contest entry & your hiatus just made me missed your looks...
    this is amazing!
    love the look

    & of course i agree with everything


  13. for sure this proud to be filipino contest entry is a winner. :D ang galing mong mag-face painting. i really love the philippine map you painted on your face. that is really cool. :D

    bilib na bilib talaga ako sa nasulat mong essay sa mga values/traits ng filipino. like respect for the elders. masaya ako pag nakikita kong nagmamano yung anak ko sa nakakatanda sa kanya.

    the traditions part brought back memories of new year in the philippines like yung pagtalon para tumangkad. meron pa akong naalala. yung bawal magwalis pag gabi yata. i think i even told some of my co-workers about that.

    i really loved this entry. i wish you the best of luck. ingat lagi. :D

  14. awesome job! yeahhh pinoy pride! hehe! lucky for me.. i'm already fair skinned... which is why people always mistake me for chinese. but the funny thing is... here where i live, you're envied if you have tan looking skin. haha! can't wait to read more from your blog :)

  15. that's some awesome makeup!!! great post

  16. so AGREE Maganda ang maputi second emotion guilty din ako LOLZ.

    pinagpapala ang inaapi haha may iyak mode ka pa daw lol. WOW you are SOOOO smart donna! panalo na to!

  17. wow.. winner!!!

    im a new follower..
    it's me,

  18. PS-I have an award for you on my blog!!

  19. Love the look beautiful!
    I'm proud to be a filipino too! :)
    btw About the mini make-up collection that i used.. it is a blush and bronzer :) and for mac..umm Mac foundation??? I dont own one.. :S

  20. ah. yung bumpits, konte lang yung i-tease mo. very lightly lang. more like brushing-up your hair. so yeah, 'di masyadong nakakatakot gamitin. maganda pa naman hair mo. the color is pretty, mahaba, at very shiny pa. :)

  21. omg, I used to LOVE that soap! The papaya... it smells so good.

  22. wow... you can really work the make-up... as a artist... really cool!


  23. So this was the winning look! Congrats sis! You really are cute especially when you smile. I love those dimples! Sayang, natakpan ng makeup. :D

  24. that's some awesome makeup!!! great post

  25. wow.. map sa face.. mahirap yan *bow.down*.. hehe


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