Rainy Days Haul + Sonia Kashuk Lip Palette

Sonia Kashuk Beautiful Berries Lip Palette
My first ever lip palette.. :D The colors are very pretty!!I love the fact that all the colors are very wearable . The color is just sheer but it really shows up me just like a gloss.. :D However, as Mymy said, this is runny like a lipgloss.. It looked like it is always about to melt.. yay!


For two days,, it has been raining like crazy here in the Phils. I promised myself to enjoy the last few days of vacation.. I am about to cry with just the thought of school.. (NO JOKE!) I shopped for few clothes since I really feel bloated and some of my shirts don't fit me anymore. *SAD* SAD* My bf and other classmates, on the other hand, said that i lost weight,, :S

^^ all from greenhills.. the haltered romper is my fave!! the white blouse is my uniform (but this is not the proper uniform!! haha i am a nonconformist by heart.)

^from juana and tomato! i love the green juana dress/top!

^^ uniform set from juana.. all items priced at 150 pesos only!! yay!!

^^i am thinking of wearing this shirt at the pussycat dolls concert!! weeh^^

and lastly my school bag!! i got this for half the price only 750 pesos and it's hot pink!! the moment i saw this,, it reminded me of legally blonde.. hihi it is really roomy and BIG!

^^ the material of the bag's inside is really nice.. and looks sturdy enough for my books, cases, reviewers, notebooks and my makeups!! haha


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  1. thanks for stopping by!! nice haul! that sk lip palette is very pretttyy!!

  2. cool! I like the 2nd to the right red, it's so bright and fun. The chips Ahoy shirt is so cute! heh I have a "mellow yellow" shirt that I wear all the time, cuz well, I'm also yellow lol

  3. The green dress is so cute!!!

  4. love your new green dress. the color is cute and minty. refreshing for the summer and perfect for spring.

    sorry to hear about the ongoing rain there. we've had quite some rain here too. yesterday, was thunder and lightning almost all day. thank goodness that's over today.

    cute lip palette too. take care. hope the rain there goes away soon. :)

  5. nice haul hun...everything looks so cute! i love the red top...

  6. cute clothes, esp. the vintage tees!! i miss shopping in the phils...

  7. hi :)

    buti ka pa, can go to school with a pretty bag... ako puro backpack na lang! lol!

    nice haul!

  8. Ooh! I love your shopping haul! Especially the pink bag & the chip ahoy shirt - hehe! Awwwww! I wish I could go to greenhills whenever I wanted to. Prrrrrrf! REALLY. Haha.

  9. Love your haul sis! God Bless on your first day at school.. ^_^

  10. Loving the green dress & the trashy shirt! Oh & the cute pink bag ^^

  11. your makeup skills are amazing, good luck on the contest!
    it was rainy last week in seoul...such gross weather! hehe at least you got some vacation time..i have to be at school cuz i'm the teacher hahah

  12. hey! 150 pesos? where could you find the juana store? :) im interested :)nice haul.

  13. Nice haulage, dear! I'm loving the punk rocker shirt! Very sharp!

  14. i have to check this lip palette out! i remember my-my ganda did a review on this too! cute clothes you got there!

  15. @ krystall: thanks gurl..

    @ popchampagne: oohh i love chips ahoy too.. the yellow is really bright.. i love it!!

    @e: i agree!! it's super comfy too..

    @jannie: i hate and love rainy days..

    @girl with glasses: dapat may ganung effect,, mukha kasi akong haggard lagi!! and i bring 2 bags!! LOL i look like going to a trip or maglalayas!!waahahha

    @denise: thanks dear

    @a.rose: shop in greenhills first,.,. :D

    @cheysser: go to greenhills once you are here in the phils.. :D

    @golden:thanks sis.. :D

    @Gaby: i super love the shirt too..

    @Miu: hi teacher miu.. hihi.. thanks

    @ares: love it too..

    @aleona: juana is available at 168.. i think they also have a stall somewhere in festival mall.. i dunno.. but i got these on sale.. all for 150.. they usually hold sales like this one..

    @narita: thanks narita..

    @chom: yup.. mymy had one too.. same colors.. exactly the same.. :D

  16. love the punk rocker top! i really like printed top eversince. :)

  17. yep. Thats my only concern with the lip palette. I fear that it will melt. but they are Great Glosses!

    I really like that pink bag! Styling for back to school. :)

  18. Your green dress is adorable!!

  19. That purse is hot! I'm lemming it now...what brand is it?

    PS! Did you, by any chance, get a package from Denmark yet?

  20. Your green dress is adorable!!


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