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Hello everyone.. weeeh,, 200 followers??? wow.. thanks to all my readers,,, i really appreciate it.. **hugs** Anyway, I was Tagged by the one of the most witty and very honest blogger that i have met, cheysser. thanks for tagging me girl.. I really want to do this fun tag.

Rules: Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

1. I have a disease called psoriasis. Psoriasis according to wikipedia is a is a chronic, non-contagious autoimmune disease which affects the skin and joints. It commonly causes red scaly patches to appear on the skin. I had this since I was in 5th grade. My psoriasis affected my scalp. Some people would think I have dandruff but hell NO. This affected me to the point of skipping haircuts in salon because stylists will ask me every now and then about it. The worst part will probably be the medication. It cost my parents' wallet a lot. And recently due to law school it would developed on my legs. It will flare up when I am in deep stress especially during examinations but the ones on the legs are just occasional however the one on the scalp seemed perpetual. I have learned to cope up with it. I just hate the costly medicines. I could buy a lot of MAC with the money I am spending on my medicine. HMPF!!!

2. I am a very domineering person. I would scare boys away because I would come out too strong and firm. LOL honestly, I am bereft of any poise and grace in my system. I eat and walk like a boy. hahaha I try to be graceful at times and i have to exert a lot of effort in it. NO JOKE

3. I am a feminist. I am a staunch believer of women's rights and potentials. I really think that the inequality between the sexes have been rendered moot. Those days of men on top are definitely gone into oblivion. I do not get insecure with men and I love competing/ arguing with them.( i have to reiterate that I do not see myself as intelligent or anything but I am just trying to amuse myself with regard man's intellectual capacity.LOL)

4. I love singing. (i know how to sing.. ahem.. i thinK?!?)

5. My dream was to become a fashion designer. I don't know why I suddenly end up in law school. LOL Now, My ultimate dream is to become a lawyer.

6. I EAT A LOT (literally) . My appetite is akin to a boy's. (construction worker appetite as Filipinos call it,, haha) Rice is ambrosia to my tastebuds!! I could eat 3 servings in just one seating, hence, my flabby arms and tummy.

7. I am a walking definition of the famous aphorism "what you see is what you get." In other words, I am a real person. When i am angry, I am angry.. when I am sad that is what you see.. I am not good in hiding my emotions. haha

8. I am OBSB.. ONE BOYFRIEND SINCE BIRTH.. LOL.. I met bf in HS and he is my senior in acp (like military sorta training) And gawd I had a huge crush on him. I was ecstatic when he asked me if he could court me.. I answered him five days thereafter.. LOL that was really fast.. We are still together... 7 years and counting.. I think he's the most handsome guy.. (errr.. yow,, no joke)

9. I am 23 years old (not 24 years old.. hehe ) but I felt like I am just 18. Growing old is optional but growing up is mandatory.. RIGHT?? hehe

10. I am very imaginative or quixotic perhaps?? hehe (NO delusions of grandeur though,, i have a perfectly sound mind) I just love over analyzing things or thinking creative thoughts or anything.. and one more thing.. I have a knack for learning. I love learning new things and studying (hmm..) When i was in kindergarten, I was very curious with the how the pencil feels when being sharpened. I was very emphatic on the pencil's feelings so I sharpened my pinky finger.. OUCH! the next day.. my teacher taught us the difference between living things and non living things.. HAHAHA

I tag (uhmm,, I don't know if you have done this guys,,)





Tag by the pretty hot mama, Krystal. My most used items..

^^ i used these everyday.. I am loving the milk and soft lotion from kokuryu. I am amazed that I did not have any break outs or rashes using them. Godiva Licowhite Facial wash is my everyday facial wash which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. I apply jojoba oil and emu oil alternately at night time.

^most used foundation and concealer:fashion 21 foundation with milk moisturizers (i use this everyday) and vov cover foundation in beige. Another most used liquid foundation is Maybelline Angelfit.

^^ Most used lip stuffs: deluxe dean lipgloss and nivea lipbalm
Most Used blush: sonia kashuk in tawny and mac fleur power and for contouring elf pressed powder in no. 3

Most used Eye stuffs: 78 pc palette from Coastal scents, Artdeco e/s base and my favorite falsies (the half type one.. easier to use/apply)

^Most used bag : my white Mango bag.. love it but i have to limit the makeup that i am bringing when I use this.. hmpf,, (@_@)

Few pictures of me in law school:

^^damn.. I look so stressed.. considering this was monday i must loosen up or else I would look 5 years older in no time.

^^ Meeting of all class presidents (i am the class president of my section.. (T_T)


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  1. xoxo~ Dear Donna! Thanq so much for tagging me! Appreciating so much!!!

    Actually I envy you! You can eat a lot LOL: Just one of the lucky girls!

  2. thanks for the tag!
    sarap ka pala ksabay sa food tripping no?
    kya lang lugi ako..kasi nppunta lht sa braso at legs ung kinakain ko e...syo wala nmn!
    anung flabby..
    wait till you see me..haha!

    im pretty sure!

    study hard pero wag masyado hard a..
    all work & no play can make you a dull girl,sige ka!

  3. Hello, my dear Donnarence :)

    Thanks for the compliment! I been getting "witty" recently! I need to google what it means, mwhaha!

    You can eat alot!? And you still look good. Meoooow! I'm jealous! I'm a tabachingching, but I don't mind! :) Hahaha.

    I enjoyed reading your listing! It's so smart. OMGGGGG! :) I wish I could be a lawyer or a Politician, maybe soon. But being teacher is a first on my list, I want to be a senator. Mwhahaha =] And steal the public's money. Just kidding.

    And hoorah! you can sing. I'm a horrible Filipino... everyone @ the party, will be singing and dancing, while I'm just sitting with O_O this look. Haha.

    And awww! you and your boyfriend been together for so long! 7 years! WOW! Eeee! THAT'S SO GOOOOOD.

  4. i eat like a mad woman too.. we'll get along great. haha! ;P and wow... one boyfriend huh? thats awesome! :)

  5. You will be an amazing lawyer!

    how's your pinky? No scars? lol.

    I really enjoyed this post. It was fun and I learned more about you.

  6. I didn't know you were 24! Me too! :D hehehe I think I also scare away boys because of my personality as well!

  7. I too eat a lot. I mean a L-O-T. Haha! But I don't gain weight. That's the sad part. *sniff*

    I was once a member of Gabriela Youth (way back in college). I think we have the same passion. So sad 'coz I'm no longer an active member.

    Ooh. I really would love to try the milk and soft lotion from Kokuryu.

  8. I really enjoyed reading yyour honest scrap 10! But Omg, I totally dont' believe it when you said "my flabby arms and tummy" You do NOT have flabby arms and I HIGHLY DOUBT you have a flabby tummy >_< Gosh, your body looks so amazing, idk why you say that :(

  9. Wow,we're so similar in so many aspects lolz
    My friends label me as feminist too coz I'd gladly go head to head with any boys who dare to look at girls with one eye XD
    I eat a lot and aspired to be a fashion designer but ended up not quite near that area :D and I'm the biggest tomboy ever too!! My mum is still so thrilled now I'm wearing makeup hehehe
    Nice to know more abt you!!

  10. teka nagnosebleed na ko dito nyahahaha. impressive !!!you know you have most incredibly wide vocabulary napabukas tuloy ako ng dictionary lol magiging isa kang sexy and glam lawyer for sure yan :)..

    about your psoriasis na try mo na ba ang VCO virgin coconut oil?!

  11. I am a supporter with regard to your no. 3 donna :)

    please continue to be the first in the class, and make men cry...

  12. oooh. i love eating too. haha... lalo na mga sweets. hindi tinatanggihan ang mga yan. hahaha...

    buti ka pa. one boyfriend through all these years. i'm happy your relationship with him is going strong. i think he is very lucky to have you. :)

    wow ah. pareho pala mga interests natin fashion designing at singing. it's fun to sing after all. :D

    salamat sa tag ah. this will make a good post idea because i think i can come up with 10 more. hehe... :D ingat lagi, sis and god bless. :)

  13. costa chic is going to look nice on you, so will saint germain. :) it's a good thing they still had plenty the day i got it. ang bilis daw kasi ma-out of stock. hehe...

  14. enjoyed reading this donna! entertaining talaga! and thanks for tagging me. :))

    shocks!!!! my P ka din?! ako din!!! :(( how sad noh?? SO TRUE! napagastos ng P na toh! stress talaga number one na kalaban nya. ano gamit mong products to prevent it?


  15. Hey, Donna! It's me again! I wear foundation at summer time too, I mean I appliyng all the rest stuff too, powder, concealer and foundation base :) If you'be be wear only foundation it gonna be slither and leave marks on clothing, etc. Always fix it with a loose or press powder!

  16. Aww, thanks for the tag :)

    Wow, you've been with the BF for 7 years?! Congrats!!! :)

  17. Aww, thanks for the tag :)

    Wow, you've been with the BF for 7 years?! Congrats!!! :)

  18. I am a supporter with regard to your no. 3 donna :)

    please continue to be the first in the class, and make men cry...


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