Haulage Galore (NYX, Skincare, Etsy and In2it)

NYX Lipsticks from MSCUPPYCAKES.com

Hi ladies!! I have been trying to focus on my studies lately.. steering away from blogging and makeup is a tough job.. hehe.. I have been hauling some stuffs over the past week and month.
I ordered Nyx round lipsticks from mscuppycakes. I love them all. I will post swatches soon. However, I was supposed to get 12 lipsticks and 1 concealer for a friend but I only received 9.. I was really worried but i opened the package and there was no sign of tampering plus the envelope was sealed. The order sheet only showed nine lipsticks but the credit card billing statement showed that I have paid for the three other lipsticks and the concealer. I am still awaiting the response from mscuppycakes. I will still order from her soon.. I want more lipstick and I want to try their cream blushes too.

wills 093
Next Haul: The All Natural Face from Etsy.com

I ordered their Vegan Eyeshadow PRIMER w/ mini vegan eyeliner/brow brush. This costs $4.00 with $1.25 as shipping fee. Honestly I was not that excited to receive this but wow I got samples (a lot of samples concealer, blush, highlighter and eyeliner and eyeshadow sealant). I was really thrilled. I will purchase more from Ms. Crystal!! Really amazing.

wills 105

Testing the primer with my lightest green eyeshadow:

Without The All Natural Face Primer:
wills 112

With The All Natural Face Primer:
wills 114

Btw, I am not wearing any contact lens. I actually don't own any pair. And please don't mind my skin. I just got home from school

My Freebies. For 257 pesos I got all of this!! WOW!!
wills 092

I am reverting to my all time favorite powder foundation:
In2it oil Control foundation. This powder is L-O-V-E!!
wills 115

My new discoveries:
I always wanted to make eskinol work me,, I have tried a lot of variants and this one is definitely the best!! It is now a staple on my skin care routine.

wills 089

I also took advantage of Pond's Big Blowout Sale. I forgot to take a picture of the eye cream and the concentrated serum.

That's it.. I am still waiting for stuffs from ebay and I am planning to buy foundations from the face shop. :D Have a nice day everyone.


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  1. wow!
    that's a lot of nyx lippies
    i guess nyx lipstick is one product that almost every blogger love


    i haven't tried in2it yet..aside from their lip liner, i guess i have to give this a try too

  2. Hey Donna! Hope your study is great!

    I love your hail! it's a lot stuffs! Seems like you have amazing lip collection!

  3. wow @0@ NYX ang dami!! $1.25 only ?? what the F&#* sa multiply php240 kaya nyx round l/s tsk tsk sobrang tubo!
    oh sis you will not make sisi hehe sa Eskinol I've been using that for decade lol actually I add dalacin-c ..very effective as in 5 stars!! what a great haul I LURVE IT!

  4. Great haul girl. I ordered from mscuppcakes to I got all the stuff I ordered but it took almost and ENTIRE MONTH to get my shipment in. I still might order from her.

  5. I like your hauls especially the NYX Round Lippies! they are wonderful!

  6. wow! what a great haul! i love those nyx lippies!!! i wanna order from her too!!!!! but i don't have CC!! ugh...

    and large images.. i've tried that using photobucket but it doesn't fit on my blog.. it's ok though.

  7. you sport that green quite well girl! ;P

  8. more goodies yaay! nyx lipstick are great :D hope u will get those other ones you order soon!

    we also have eskinol here but too darn expensive and very rare to buy them! i remember when i was in pinas 2nd HS i used eskinol and they are refreshing and feels like ur face is so squeeky clean!

  9. aw....we ordered din ke ms cuppycakes but hindi pa dumadating ata kasi wala pa sinasabi si sis khymm..naku nga naman..sayang yung naiwan hehe.nice haul donna miss yah!!.

  10. wow that's a whole lotta lippies! great haul! :D

  11. nice haul. eskinol is good, i use to use it when i was younger, but my mom stop buying it haha

  12. Lotsa lippies! :P It's like you're the lippie addict and I am the blush whore. :P Love the haul!

  13. Can wait to see what lippies u got!!

  14. what shades of NYX lippies you got? =) excited na ako sa orders namin ni martha & shobe.. when mo to na-order? how many weeks dumating?

  15. donna, thanks for posting. Ng-order din ako sa allnaturalface. I got the Eyeprimer with the brush. Hopefully she will include freebies din.. =)

  16. wow! order fest! :) great haulage. :) thanks for the greet! :)

  17. Wow! The primer really worked! And you really had lots of freebies, huh? I wish all sellers are like her.

    True! Eskinol Dermaclear works on me too. It really made my skin clear. One amazing product.

    Sadly, I was not able to purchase any pond's products because I've been busy taking care of Jamjam at the hospital. Enjoy your purchase sis. *winks*

  18. How long did it take for you etsy purchase to arrive?

  19. When will you be ordering from MsCuppycakes again?

  20. Hi there, I was wondering how much does the In2It powder foundation cost?

    1. for the in2it refill i think it costs 450-499 pesos with compact, it costs 600-700 pesos.. I am not sure with the exact price.. Thanks

  21. girls are more sensitive to skin health conditions. The main reason of the pollution and the dirt, they face on the work or outside the house. Hence extra skin care is required.


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