My Looklet Addiction

Hi everyone!! since the semester break started I have been hooked and glued to looklet. It makes me forget about law school and grades.. weeeh,, I have told Jannie once that I never thought I will end up in law school because my dream is to become a fashion designer. I am soo happy that someone invented Looklet!! haha At least in my world of black and white, of no-no's and not's.. there is this part in cyberspace where I could be FLAMBOYANT! haha

Here are some of the looks I made. Sign up dearies.. this website is super fun!!

Don't forget to visit my Looklet page:


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  1. I love the look of the outfits! Those gold leggings are amazing. Good work, I hope to see more!

  2. me too!!!i do love it

    im kinda hooked @ looklet...

    ciao dear^^

  3. donnnnaaaaa....

    looklet looks interesting...
    wow... you made all of these?
    i think you have a great taste in fashion, unlike me. i am so baduy when it comes to clothes.


  4. I love your taste sis. Very sophisticated. Haha! Adik ka na rin? I also have a looklet account.

  5. love the outfits lalo na the first one :D and new layout too!

  6. haha i will do this looks really fun ..boredom killer lol! by the way nice pick!

  7. oh wow. i'll try that out :D

    great looks btw~!:D

  8. haha i will do this looks really fun ..boredom killer lol! by the way nice pick!


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