Missha The Style Face Powder + The Importance of Watermarking

Happy Holidays everyone!! I am sort of back in a blogging world momentarily.. I am too lazy to do anything lately.. I am just eating and sleeping all day.. This is life.. hehe.. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who still follows my blog even though I am always missing in action and much love to all my readers out there. Anyways, here is a very quick review about Missha's The Style Face Powder. I am not in much need of loose or finishing powder powder because I absolutely love Ellana's White Chocolate Sheer Velvet Mineral Powder Primer but I was really lured by its price. I bought this on ebay for only 250 pesos!! Missha has opened here in the Philippines a few months back but I have heard that their prices are really steep just like skinfood's. I really did not expect that its container is big.

dsc 065
20 grams
This comes in three shades. I got shade:#2.

dsc 064
The powder puff that came with it is very useful. I am using it in applying my powder foundation.

What I love about this product:
  • It brightens and evens out my skin color.
  • I look fresh using it. I use this to seal my bb creams in place.
  • The container is huge (imo...) and it was filled upto the lid.
Product Boo-Boo's:
(What I dislike about this product)
  • I hate the scent!! It smelled like my grandma's perfume!!
  • The coverage is too sheer for my taste. I can't use this alone. I just use this as my everyday finishing powder.
  • I actually do not know if this is locally available since I just bought online.
Here is the swatch of the powder on my hand:
dsc 066
^^ It looks way lighter than my skintone.

dsc 068
^^It blended well on my skin since the coverage was really sheer.

The Importance of watermarking your pictures:

Watermark: a pattern of bits inserted into a digital image, audio or video file that identifies the file's copyright information (author, rights, etc.). The name comes from the faintly visible watermarks imprinted on stationery that identify the manufacturer of the stationery. The purpose of digital watermarks is to provide copyright protection for intellectual property that's in digital format. (http://www.watermark-software.com)

I was browsing on ebay a while ago and I was looking for a NYX cream blush when I chanced upon this listing:


My jaw dropped immediately!! hahaha.. I actually do not know if I should be pissed or mighty proud because someone is borrowing my photos without any credits whatsoever to moi!!! Just a little credit to my blog will do. Thank god I had the name of my blog on this picture. I really think bloggers should watermark CONSPICUOUSLY!! This is to protect your works from people who casually grab someone else's work without any word or anything.I think this is utterly offensive.

***I am not prohibiting anyone from using my pictures.. Just ask and I would appreciate sharing it with you or just put credits to my blog.***


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  1. Oh wow, that's not even borrowing, that's stealing. Tsk. Bad bad seller.

  2. Wah I completely understand that.
    Pictures stealing happens over and over again =(

  3. hehe nakikita ko mga lips mo ilang beses na sa ibang sites donna,kala ko its you~...my god korean cosmetic craze na ito gusto ko pumunta ng etude donna!!!di lang talaga me marunong

  4. you're right, it's utterly offensive!
    i sometimes get too lazy to watermark my pictures but now i won't take it for granted anymore.

  5. so true, they should at least asked no? Your lips look gorgeous kc eh :)

  6. omg! the nerve of that seller to post your pic! as if, you won't go to e-bay and see it by chance one day...

    unfortunately, this always happens in cyberworld, whether you watermark or not...

  7. Donna, you deserve to be paid. Do not ignore this matter because people would keep on stealing your Intellectual Property. You know how hard it is to take photos, put watermark, and publish them in the net. It is not an easy procedure for bloggers like us.

    Let them pay you, at least the products they are selling. Exercise your rights. You are a lawyer in the making. Complain.

    Pucha! Nag bleed ang bunot ng ipin ko, pissed-off ako dun ha!

  8. OMG I feel you on people stealing photos and videos. I googled up my name on AprilAthena7 and found a TON of affiliate channels that use my video to sell a product. I have written to most, but they say they can legally use my videos and next time change the settings on my Youtube to disable embedding. I guess we should all do the watermark, I never do. Thank you for bringing up a VERY important subject to all bloggers. :)

  9. naku, good thing may watermark yung photo mo! sometimes too lazy ako to put watermark pero its really important nga..

  10. wow...thats crazy..& funny at the same time ..i usually mark all my images but now im def gonna makesure i mark them all

  11. this should serve as a lesson to me too.. i put very small watermark so as not to disturb or crowd the pic and present it the best way I can,. not a good idea! thanks for posting this..

  12. Ohh that is so WRONG!!!
    Awhile ago a blogger held a contest and I was looking at the photos of all the entries only to realise that someone had stolen some of my photos and sent them in as an entry to her contest! I was gobsmacked as well! You just don't think people would do such a thing, but I guess they do!!! lol hopefully it doesn't happen to you again!!!!!

  13. The seller should have asked permission from you before using your photo. Worse, your pic was used for business purposes. The seller should pay you.. tsk-tsk

    Lots of love,

  14. Hi can you recommend a good watermark software?

  15. Hi can you recommend a good watermark software?


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