Sunday, May 31, 2009

mayaari's giveaway + random thoughts.. :D

Giveaway pack 1
Whitening Sleeping Mask, Dariya hair sheets, mini Fresh Soy cleanser, Darkness lashes, NYX eyeshadow trio in Highlight/Brown/Suede, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus, NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Pacific, Slate, and Cottage Cheese, and NYX Green Concealer Stick

Giveaway pack 2
Oil Control/Acne Sleeping Mask, Softymo Whitening Cleansing Oil, false eyelashes, NYX eyeshadow trio in Copacabana, Benefit Bad Gal mascara, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Iced Mocha, Pots & Pans, Strawberry Milk, and NYX Green Concealer Stick

Mayaari is having a wonderful giveaway. :D click here for more details :
Mayaari's giveaway
Isn't her giveaway simply nice? The rules are pretty simple so please check out her blog.. :D
I simply love the first package because of the nyx concealer in a jar and jumbo eye pencils. I heard lots of good reviews about these items. What is really interesting on this package no.1 is the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander... I wonder what it does to your lashes.. :D


These past few days has been so busy for me. Yesterday, I went to Batangas for the whole day to celebrate fiesta in the little town called Dita, Cuenca. Ohh my stomach ached due to overeating. LMAO.. I simply can't resist those yummy filipino dishes! I ate 4 servings of buko salad in just one seating! That was the best I ever tasted!haha Today, I just have to do lots of shopping with my mom for my siblings' school stuffs.. Btw, I really wanted to enter cheysser's contest but did not have much time to create what I have in mind. *sigh.. I also want to thank its_giselle of Girltalk for giving me sample of Flatana BB cream for free.. I May never know your real name but i appreciate your thoughtfulness a lot. :D Thank you and godbless its_giselle.. :D
I will be doing contest entries this week because next week law school starts again. :C Back to reality. :C Just the thought of it stresses me. aww.. :C I have learned who my professors are and the line up is not advisable to those who have a weak heart. whew.. *huhuhu I am still wondering if I will still watch the pussycat dolls concert on june 11..btw, i have a ticket already (the silver one) I am having doubts since i have classes that night.. :S What do you think? I asked My sorority sister if i should absent myself on that day they and she replied, "Life is short, SIN a little.. " haha

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet Prima Donna

Prima Donna
Pronunciation: \ˌpri-mə-ˈdä-nə, ˌprē-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian, literally, first lady
Meaning : a person that's considered vain, temperamental and/or conceited.

This is my entry to posey's alter ego contest.

My everyday look.
As you can see my everyday look is dull and boring. Being a law student, putting makeup has been considered a nuisance to my very hectic schedule. I do not use blush just powder, liner and lipbalm and liptint. I only put blush or e/s when i am in the mood and whenever there is a special occasion like monthsary with bf, my bday or meeting with sorority sisters. hihi Plus, i don't wear too much makeup in school because my professors easily notice it and there is a big chance of getting called at recitation.

My Alter Ego: Prima Donna
The definition says it all. I am vain and temperamental person. My hair is longer than my patience. LOL (no joke). **Prima donna does not mean the diva-ish who shoos peole away because of her bad personlity. I so love being with friends and meeting NICE people. I have a very strong personality. Domineering in every way. I created a look which features my eyes as very strong. As the famous aphorism goes,, eyes are windows to the soul. My inspiration is arabic makeup. The colors I chose are strong, vibrant and loud just like my alter ego. :D

^an accidental shot which I love.. hihi
** shots taken at ISO program.. looked really nice. right?
Thanks girls for viewing.. :D

Simple Tips to arabic eyes makeup:

^ the adhesive tape helped a lot to make a clean finish.

^^ long and winged eyeliner on the upper lid.. I also applied some at the inner corner of my eyes..I use nichido liquid eyeliner.. the best liquid eyeliner!haha

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I reached 100 followers.. whoa!! i can't believe it.. i have had this blog for almost a year but it is only this april (i think) that i opened it publicly since i feel that my knowledge and skill in makeup is waaay too average and i don't like getting hate comments. BOOHOO.. My fears proved me wrong.. everyone is so nice and friendly. I absolutely learned so much from other bloggers. Meeting other people is still the best.. :D Now, the hard part is maintaining it over the school year. I will be less visible. :C MIA most of the time.. I'll try to update 1x a week if i could and comment and visit other blogs too.. aww.. :C the thought of school makes me sad though and not blogging is worse.FYI, I study for 8-10 hrs a day. :C Ohh i will miss blogging.. I hope you'll still follow even if I will be busy. Wish me luck in being a junior law student.
thank you so much.. :D (i hope you felt my sincerity.. i really appreciate all of you.truly.)

Cherritastic Giveaway :D

Cherry of is having a giveaway to thank her followers. :D
She is giving out 2 prizes.. The mechanics are simple:

  1. Be a follower
  2. Blog about it and link it!
  3. Leave me a comment on her contest post, saying which prize would you like to get and why.
click here for further info:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Surprises + answers :D

Hi.. it has been one happy day for me guys.. :D hope you had a nice one too..First of all, I want to thank all my followers and those ,who time and again ,stop by my page and comment.. thanks.. i really appreciate it. I received my prize from ms. yaya ( i won 2nd place in her doll contest.. i was ecstatic to go to the post office. (BTW, the post office opened the package in front of me without any advise. I was shocked and furious. Nobody said that it was an SOP thing!!!Grrr,,, Now, I fear that every package that i might order online will be charged more than it should.. anybody knows where to file an administrative complaint?)Anyways,, ms. yaya is such a sweetie. I was thrilled seeing the goodies she gave me.. aww.. I love it all.. I will be using them starting tonight,.,hihihi

^^ the gloss is just yummy as it looks and look at those shadows i can't wait to do an EOTD on this one.

^just what i need.. a new perfume.. and i have been wanting to try hope in a jar.. super thanks..

Another gift was given to me by my aunt who lives in new york,, Calvin klein!!! She works at Calvin Klein too.. and gawd .. i love their bags..

^^ the bigger bag belongs to my mom (but she promised to lend it to me.. hahahahah)

^^ a must have.. it is so hot in the phils. lately!!! piercing heat!!! ouch!!

so gorgeous.. isn't it? and i found these inside:

^^waahhhh.. lip palette and blush.. gawd their pretty.. i'll show you a clearer pic some time..

^my avon orders.. supershock mascara and avon pore-fection powder.. :D

And a miracle happened today..
^^^ I AM A DEAN's LISTER again.. whoa!! look!!! my QPI grade was soo exact!!!hihihihi I am now officially a third year regular Law student. weeeeeeeeeeehhhhh...

Next,, i will answer a few questions. :D

Question: What camera do you use?DO you take your own pictures? Do you use photoshop?
ANSWER: I use Sony cybershot DSC-w100. Yes, i take my own pictures. No, I never use photoshop nor do i have that program or know how to use it. hihihi.. The fact that my pictures appear good is basically because of the lighting. :D I switched to program auto, there you could choose the lighting effects. :D Secondly, make sure the micro thingy is on.. that is why my eye pictures is focused well. Third, which is the most important good lighting and turn on the flash. I take pictures during morning and afternoon as long as there is sunlight.. hehe and aside from that i still turn on my room lights. :D Check her beautiful site ( she also uses cybershot and her eye makeup is simply amazing. I bet some of your knows her.. she does her eye makeup perfectly!!her pictures are gorgeous too.. bow!! hihi Btw, I have to take more than 100 pictures to get the perfect one.. The picture taking part was longer than putting make up on..

Question: Where did you buy your makeup organizer?
Answer: I bought mine at sm department store.. they have three colors pink, blue and also comes in different sizes. Mine which is composed of 5 drawers costs 180 php.

Question: where did you buy the rimmel stuffs?
Answer: i bought at ebay. The seller's name is wackywancho.. she sells affordable stuffs..

That's all for today.. i'll be doing my tags and awards on the next days to come... :D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wearable Purple Look Contest

Wearable Purple Look
(Night time)

I decided to enter Naomi's wearable purple contest ( Purple is one of my favorite color and this is also the color of my sorority (Regina Legis et Juris Sorority,, it means Queen of Laws and Justice)!!! I created two looks. I Have decided to send the Night time because I love my version of the smokey eyes better than my daytime purple look. :D

Close Up of the Night Time Eyes (Smokey Purple)

Products Used: Eyes Fashion 21 Lilac Eyestick
Unbranded Falsies
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in black
Avon Super Full Mascara
Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad in Ice Princess

78 pc. Coastal Scents Palette

Products Used: Face and Lips
VOV cover foundation in beige

Fashion 21 2 way foundation with milk moisturizers in no.3

pink blush in the 78 pc. palette ever bilena listick in pink flame
the body shop tantalizing lip butter

Purple Daytime Look

I used the same products but different colors on the palette.. :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

makeup organizer + fashion21 2 way foundation review

I finally got a new makeup organizer. My two makeup kit looks full and messy! i have a hard time looking for eye pencils. i have to rummage through the pile of blushes, e/s and glosses before i find the one i am looking for. it is eating a lot of my time when doing fotd's. and i just hate looking for something. :S here is my very humble collection. i really don't have much. my collection accumulated and decreased through the years. yes, i throw things when i feel like they are expired. Don't expect much on my collection. i just have all the things i need and use. I am still a student (scholar of mom and dad.. hehe) so i do not buy those that i may not be able to use. I promise to hoard big time when i graduate from law school and buy my first mac collection on my first pay check as a lawyer.. hehe

my makeup kits ( is this the right plural form?) a lancome big makeup pouch and a plastic container (looks like a lunch box.. LOL)

first layer: my foundations and powders
i love foundations. way back in college, i have tried a lot from bloom, mac, revlon, maybelline, mary kay, fasio, ellana minerals, cover girl to in2it.. everything that i can get my hands on (but not those pricey ones.. hehe) i am a foundation freak. :S I almost forgot how many and the names and brands that i have tried.

2nd layer: my blushes.. i love blushes but i don't wear it everyday. :S i have thrown a lot of blushes and sold some too.. there was a time i got in love with bloom scc (sheer colour creme) but i eventually sold them too.. i love the lavender scent! :D

3rd layer: lippies :D

4th: eye stuffs.. the coastal scents palette is not here. :D

5th layer: random stuffs (those that could not fit into their respective drawers)

the only things that are left in the pouch are these: ( i removed the max factor in the drawer.. it could not close hehe)

Hi liz,, a reader asked me to write a review on the fashion 21 2 way foundation with milk moisturizers. First of all, i have dry and sensitive skin. Further, i just want to remind readers that stuffs that i like or those that work for me may eventually don't have the same effect to others. This is basically my honest opinion about the stuffs i used. :D

i always see this foundation but never gave it a try because of my notion the local products will break me out. i was so wrong.. this one is good in terms of coverage. the texture is creamy and powdery which i like. :D a few buffs here and there and i am good to go. the powder blends and melts with my skin because i moisturize my skin well before using it.i have been using this since i have bought it and in terms of oil control. it is pretty decent in keeping my oilies at bay. however, take note that i have dry skin. The areas that would get oily at mid day would be my forehead and cheeks.. i love the fact that it looked dewy and it does not looked washed out when i perspire. :D It has medium coverage though not actually buildable because when you add more it tends to be cakey and fake. :S But a few spritz of evian and it blends instantly on my skin again. :D The fact that I have dry skin and it does not aggarvate it is a plus factor for me. :D Another plus factor is the scent, it is really mild and it does smell like powdered milk. hehe The downside is the poor color selection. i have mentioned that it looks perfect for my shade and at times it just look dark.. although, this does not i checked no. 2 and i find it really light. :S i don't know the effect when applied on my skin,, it might look okay. For 185 pesos,, i would probably repurchase it for everyday wear. :D

For comparison: the top picture is without the foundation and the lower one is the one with foundation. (excuse the red bump on the cheek and forehead.. :P) i only applied moisturizer underneath the foundation. :D