Psychedelic EOTD

I did this way back when.. I never thought that I will be posting this on my blog. It looked way eccentric and loud from the other experimental eotd/fotd's that I have done. What I love about this look is how I mixed a gold shimmery eyeshadow with a hot pink one. This is the color underneath my eyes.. I never thought mixing colors of different shade can create such a beautiful color.OOOOoohhhh,,, the wonders of blending. The whole eotd may not look precise and perfect but I love the fusion of colors.

I am just sick and tired of black and white.
If you are a law student,,, you'll figure out why.

                                                                            Products used:
78 pc. eyeshadow palette from coastalscents
elf waterproof liquid eyeliner pen in black
saizen falsies 
the all natural face eyeshadow primer


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  1. i like the colors underneath your eyes, I might try to do an eotd using that color combo, thanks for sharing=)your eotd is very artiStic, I love it btw.=D

  2. I really like the color choices. and the falsies create a shadow in the pictures that really make it "psychedelic." GREAT JOB!

  3. I love the colors you used! It's certainly psychadelic and very whimsical too :)

  4. oh so pretty -i love it!!
    xo mw

  5. love the lashes on the bottom :D what a colorful look!

  6. wow! i wanna try this look!

    <33 rena

  7. i really love this! you're very creative donna!

  8. thats so gorgeous and you did all the colours using the 88 palette. love it!!!

  9. Wow, amazing, I want to try this too =)

  10. I especially dig the bottom lashes. Where are they from?

  11. thats so gorgeous and you did all the colours using the 88 palette. love it!!!


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