Review: Lumiere Pink Brushes (Hot or Not?)

Hi everyone. My prebuy lumiere brushes arrived about three weeks ago and I have mix reaction on these brushes. I love the fact that I got them for half their price. However, I was surprised that the bristles are now PINK! what?? Considering the fact that I love pink so much, I honestly did not like the color of my lumiere brushes. They look repulsive rather than enticing. SIGH.

LUMIERE Long Handled Kabuki


Our Long Handled Kabuki has quickly become a customer favorite by many.
It's greatly loved for applying Lumiere Mineral Foundation;
for achieving light to medium coverage.
This brush will do everything our synthetic kabuki will do;
yet, with the ease of a longer handle.
If you love our Kabuki, you will also love the Long Handled version,
and if you never could understand the Kabuki, you will love this one!

The Long Handled Kabuki is wonderful for those with arthritis and helps make applying your minerals more comfortable than a standard kabuki.
This brush is also great for applying our Finishing Powders, All Over Colors, Bronzers, Blush and Body Shimmers too. Our synthetics are luxuriously soft and wonderful for sensitive skin.

-100% synthetic, cruelty free and vegan friendly-

Brush measures 4 inches total length. Brush hairs measure approx. 1-7/16 inches long and 1-1/4 inches in diameter across. 

 This brush definitely lives up to the wonderful reviews I have read about it. I know you all know how much I love my ELF powder brush but this brush is WOW!! It is best for application from light to medium coverage. I can use it in applying either mineral or non mineral products. The handle is perfect. I had an easy time maneuvering it over my face and controlling the amount of product. The bristles are so soft and gentle on my sensitive and rashes prone skin. I experienced no scratch whatsoever from using it even on the delicate area around my eyes. The dome shaped helps me reach those corners which a flat top can't evenly cover. I use it for applying bronzers, blushes, finishing powder and even foundation whether it be mineral or powder foundation. Minus the pink bristles, this brush is LOVE indeed. 

  This is the old version of this product. See how it looks more soft and velvety than the new one. 

 The bristles are dense and full enough for contouring and buffing. :D

LUMIERE Duo Fiber Optic

 This is the perfect tool for adding definition to your cheekbones and
highlighting with the application of soft layers. Great for those of all skin
tones, which enjoy using deeper colors yet, are looking for a more subtle
definition. May be used with any face powders, but recommended for use
with all over colors, blush and bronzers. Similar to MAC #187

This brush is receiving wonderful reviews!
 We will be making this brush even fuller this time to make it very close to the MAC #187!
Brush measures 6.5 inches total length. Brush hairs measure approx. 1-5/8 inches long and 1.75" inches in diameter across.  

Initially, I got the angled and duo fiber optic but I realized that I do not need the angled brush. I know some of you might think that I should have chosen the angled brush because it provides more precise application but I find the duo fiber optic fuller. I  think that the angled brush looks flimsy. For comparison, I took a picture of both brushes before selling the angled fiber optic. 
I use this brush for applying my  liquid foundation and sometimes for blushes too. I am not that happy about this brush. I was really looking forward to this one because I would always see makeup gurus in youtube using stippling brush in applying their liquid foundations. To my dismay, I have not yet mastered the technique in using this. I find my own bare fingers better in blending my liquid foundation. Using this would create streaks rather than an even and smooth finish although, the bristles are remarkably soft.Compared to synthetic foundation brushes that I have tried when applying liquid foundation, this brush does not prick my face. It delivers a very light coverage when used for powder application. This brush is not as dense compared to their long handled kabuki. 

One thing I also noticed about this product is that it sheds a lot on my first use and when I washed it.

 Look how elegant the color of the old version of this brush. SIGH.


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  1. im with you on liking the old versions better hehe though I have not tried their brushes

  2. uhmm.. i actually like the color of the new ones :P.. but honestly if it doesnt do its job compared to the old versions, then it is sad

  3. i agree with u as much as i love pink -im not in love with it -i prefer the old version

  4. i'm sorry that the bristles are pink. as a MUA i'd really hesitate to buy them because my clients might think that my brushes are unwashed!! hahah. good thing that i didn't join this pre-order. i have last years' brushes and i thought they would look the same.

  5. I'd like the white bristles for these types of brushes! But as long as it works right? I hope it does not shed anymore

  6. aww..the kabuki brush is so cute
    pink looks nice, but i'd be worried about the color coming off after prolonged use/wash

  7. aww..the kabuki brush is so cute
    pink looks nice, but i'd be worried about the color coming off after prolonged use/wash

  8. i have bad experience w lumiere brushes. frankly i thnk their bristles are stiff. haha i know late response to, i just saw kasi on your widget e im a brush whore haha


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