Updated Review: L'oreal Lineur Intense (Brush Tip Applicator)

From L'oreal Paris Website:
Stand out with a dramatically or sleek look. Lineur Intense has a tapered natural brush that gives you the control to create the most  precise lines for your desired looks. 
  • Ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers 
  • Clump resistant
  • Fragrance Free
 I never thought that I will get my hands on this product when my bestfriend came home. When it comes to liquid eyeliner, I am in love and overtly satisfied with nichido liquid eyeliner. Nichido liquid eyeliner costs only 60 pesos and available at local department stores in the Philippines. When I got this, I got bewildered with the brush tip.It was not tapered or pointed at all. It was a thin brush which looks uneasy for application. To my surprise, the long handled brush made the application easier. It was like putting mascara on. However, this would not be of help to those with unsteady hands.Moreover, one of Michelle Phan's video showed that she used this on her lower lashes. I tried it and it worked wonderfully. I was searching for pictures of this liner online and I got confused with the pictures. Some showed a shorter wand than mine. Finally, I figured that there is another kind of lineur intense liner which is the felt tip one. I was a bit disappointed because this is the one I really wanted because it looks easier to use. And the brush tip one is the unpopular version of this liner but with the color pay off, I will not complain.The brush may not look pointed at all but with practice I managed to create thin lines with it.
**Pic from : http://www.styleitonline.com**

 What I love about Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liner:
  • The color Carbon Black is really intense and bold
  • It does not smudge
  • The color does not wear off  at the end of the day unlike other liquid liners I have tried
  • Easy to use for creating that winged liner look
  • It does not sting my lids when used
  • I can used this on my lower lashes as a mascara
 What I do not like about it:
  • Not available locally
  • When you double the application, it flakes off
^^ With flash

^^ Without flash
The color pay off is amazing. Isn't it?

 ^^no concealer or powder..
Initially, I said that I can not create thin lines with it.. What I meant was... My first try with this liner creating thin lines was not that easy .. Sorry for the confusion. In the long run, I fell in love with the brush and how long the wand was because I can easily maneuver creating that winged effect.
^this is how thin the lines can go..

Cheers everyone.. :D


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  1. Great review, Donna! I am actually eyeing on this liner but it's not available locally here either :(
    I'm having trouble doing the winged liner look with my current liquid liner. I desperately need a new one!

  2. Too bad it's not locally available as it seems really promising. Nice review. :P

  3. Great review!! I actually love that eyeliner, but you know how the beauty world seems to keep spitting out sooo many new things..I tend to forget about the good buys like that...thanks to bring it back on my to-get-again list =)

  4. It is super pigmented, but the brush tip seems to be not pointy, is it difficult to apply? or is it ok? :D

  5. Even though it is available locally for me, I'm not sure if I want to get it if it can't make thin lines. Thank you so much for this review~

  6. i'm pretty satisfied with nichido liquid liner too.

    true! amazing color payoff. very nice review!

  7. I have to admit I never tried this liner. I'm not a huge fan of liquid liners (due to unsteady hand) and the tip seemed like you had to be a pro to be able to handle. Maybe I'll check it out now. It looks great on you!

  8. try the felt tip one, i love mine!!!

  9. Love intense liquid liners! This is gorgeous. :D

  10. The swatches looks so nice and really black!!

  11. Hello Donna. This is a good review. ;) I just hope it will be available in PI.

  12. Love intense liquid liners! This is gorgeous. :D

  13. try the felt tip one, i love mine!!!


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