Pinky Yellow EOTD (Requested by Tamara)

This look s requested by Tamara of She asked me if I can do a yellow pink eotd. Honestly, I  do not know how to put these two colors together without adding orange eyeshadow.. I think those three colors look good together.. pink, orange and yellow. For this look, I used my 180 palette. Here is a quick tutorial for this look:

First, apply primer on your lid. I used The All Natural Face Eyeshadow Primer which I bought from Then, apply a matte yellow eyeshadow on your lid.

Then apply hot pink e/s on your outer v moving towards your crease. 

Apply black e/s mixed with maroon e/s on your crease and outer V. Blend and apply more black e/s to achieve the depth you want. Sweep some shimmery light pink e/s on top of your crease and matte white  e/s to highlight your brow bone.

Apply liquid eyeliner on your upper lashline. I used l'oreal lineur intense liner.

Apply shimmery yellow on the inner corners of your eye. Add a shimmery pink e/s on your lower lashline. Do not forget to line your eyes with black liner, put on some mascara on your upper and lower lashes. Use falsies to create a more dramatic look.

 Here is a quick tip: apply black eyeliner your upper waterline to define your eyes more.

More pictures of this look:


That's it for today. Sorry I am doing posts like there is no tomorrow. My vacation is only for two weeks so i have to make my time productive. :D If you want any review or requests for eotd/fotd.. please do not hesitate to make one. Plus, please enter my giveaway sponsored by 
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  1. wow, great tut, nice color combination, will try this one....

  2. Very, very nice! Pink and yellow are my favorite colors :) Ayan you make me want to buy my own palette so I can experiment with eye makeup as well :)

  3. Lovely makeup! Those eyelashes are gorgeous! ^_^


  4. Girl you nailed it! Thank you for this tutorial, I'm going to try it *hugs*!

  5. i could never pull off wearing yellow but you rock it!

  6. Good tutorial! :3 You're so creative!

    I hope you can also do a first date makeup look. Uhhh I know that kind of sounds lame but I just want to know what other girls would wear on a first date. LOL!


  7. Grabe! You're so good at this. Amazing! Hands down!

    Lots of love,

  8. i wish i have the same matte yellow color in my fabulous eb palette. haha! wala eh :(

    i think sa singles meron?
    i love the colors, you always have the talent with blending. keep it up!

  9. Oh wow amazing, its very pretty

  10. soo pretty! I'll try this out for my summer make-up series in my bloggie..but gosh! the lashes are perfect! <3 nice job!


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