Review: Ellana Sheer Velvet HD Mineral Finishing Powder

Ellana Sheer Velvet High Definition 
Mineral Finishing Powder 
in White Chocolate
Sheer Velvet is a finishing powder and powder primer in one. Use before you apply your makeup to provide a smooth and silken base to your makeup or for touchups to absorb excess oil. A high definition powder, it comes off pure white but melts on any skin tone.
 (from Ellana's website)

I have this for a year now and I think this powder deserves a review from me. I never thought that I have an HD finishing powder all this time. hehe Until I saw the raves on Makeup Forever's HD Microfinish Powder  and I suddenly reckon that I have a similar powder. Like Makeup Forever's A major ingredient of this finishing powder is silica. Some are allergic to this mineral, thank goodness I am not. 

 Silica is primarily used in oil control products because of its excellent oil absorption properties. It also comes as a major ingredient of oil control primer and various forms of finishing powder. This function is particularly useful when you have oily skin. Because of its ability to scatter light (light diffusion properties), mineral makeup uses it as a filler and base to effectively and seamlessly lighten or blur fine lines and wrinkles. When used in powders and foundations, silica allows the makeup to luxuriously slip on the skin. Interestingly, the mineral was also found to have excellent oil-control properties. It is oil absorbent, which enables various mineral makeups’ to stay on longer; much like creating a freshly applied look even after hours of application. 
(From Essence-of-Mineral-Makeup.Com)

 This tiny tub lasts for a very long time. I have it since last year and I have not finished it. This prevents my foundation from melting away esp during hot and humid days. I am not really troubled with the white casts it gives in picture because it is not really obvious in my opinion. This keeps my face matte throughout the day. Although I have dry skin, I still need this one to keep my foundation in place and with the weather here in Manila,, I would definitely look like a fried egg by midday. 

What I love about this product:

  • Very affordable and economical to use. I bought this in 2.5 grams ad have not finished this yet. I think this coasts 200 back then. For those who wanted to try this, Ellana Minerals offer this in a sample 1 gr. tub which could lasts very long for sure... :D
  • This smoothens my face and keeps oilies at bay. Shine be gone!! When I use this powder, I rarely do touch ups throughout the day. If you have dry skin, do not put too much of this product. I have tried doing this one and it does not feel good at all. Your face will feel too dry and tight too.
  • The powder is very finely milled.
  • It brightens my face too. I love its effects esp on pictures because it makes my skin look flawless although it can give a slight white cast but this does not bother me at all.
  • No irritations and break outs using this one.
  • This is a FILIPINO made product and I am proud of it.. :D
  •  The packaging might look crappy but it is really sturdy. Look at mine, it withstand all those dropping due to my carelessness.. 

    What I hate about this product:
    NONE i think.. I just hate that it is too finely milled that it sometimes stimulate my allergic rhinitis.. but this is not the product's fault at all.

    Good news to my Readers who lives abroad, Ellana Minerals does international orders. Give this product a shot and let's see your opinion about it.
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    1. hmm.. interesting.. the silica is supposed to give soft finish to the makeup right? therefore the hd effect.., wish you can show us a before and after photo of your face using that primer/finpow.. thanks!

    2. I have this and never really used it. :D Should prolly give it a try again because it's been here for more than 6 mos. What I hate about it is it gets all over everything when I open it and I feel that my nostrils get clogged up by the powder. LOL! Nonetheless, I'm gonna try it again because you gave it such a good review.

    3. ayos 'to ah. double purpose. if i were there in pinas, i'd definitely choose this over MUFE's HD microfinish powder because it's a fraction of the price. plus, you can use it as a priming and finishing powder all at once. :)

      hahaha... actually, i almost forgot i had a couple empty drawers in my setup. kaya 'di na rin masyadong marami. hehehe... :D

    4. Hello. Thanks for the comment. Incoming 4th year but I plan to transfer. Alam mo naman sa law school kaloka minsan. :3

      UST ka right? Sa USTE din ako nag 1st year. :)

    5. awe! sounds so interesting! really exciting to see some pics using he stuff!

    6. interesting!im sold, im gunna try this.
      Thanks for the review

    7. It triggered my allergic rhinitis when this was applied to me by the staff in Ellana Head Office. But I love its silky feel.

      By the way, I realized that you're a Regina and an incoming 4th year Thomasian. I am an Astrean but I have a lot of Regina friends - Orin, Dinah, Retret, Lulu, Anna Q, Pam, and Tin.

      Nice meeting you. Take care. =)

    8. hi clariza!!! hello!!!! :D wow.. ang dami mong kilala na sisses ko even dux pam and dux anna.. hope we meet sa fb.. heehee... godbless

    9. I've long been curious about ellana minerals, this review makes me wanna try it coz I'm in bad need of a loose powder that's good for oily skin and our humid weather. Thanks for the info:-)

    10. Ooh great review! I want to try it but I still have my ELF finishing powder. And good to know they receive international order!

    11. hey that's cool that it works on you. like the fact that its cheap and its HD ^_^

      awesome stuff!!!

    12. i always enjoy reading your reviews, so thorogh :)

    13. I love love love all ellana mineral makeup products!! soooo fascinated by their products!

      care to visit a filipina's fashion blog as well? =)


    14. i also own one and its a great alternative for my mac blot.

    15. ms coney actually offered me this one when she knew i had really really bad case of oiliness.. based on your review parang ok sya :) right now kase im using silica powder from coastal scents, though several times ko pa lang nagamit, i can say na talagang smooth skin ko pag ginamit ko sya, pero sa oil control, parang di masyadong effective. i might give this one a try when i drop by their store:)

    16. Hi donnarence! Anna and Pam used to be my classmates when I was still in UST. Oh and you're friends with Soc! I'll add you in fb ha. God bless you too!

    17. Hi donnarence! Anna and Pam used to be my classmates when I was still in UST. Oh and you're friends with Soc! I'll add you in fb ha. God bless you too!

    18. i also own one and its a great alternative for my mac blot.


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