Initial Review: The All Natural face Oily Lid Shadow Primer In Dark Buff

It is finally here!! My All Natural Face Oily Lid Primer in Dark Buff. I bought this last June 20 and it arrived last week. What I love about All Natural Face Shop is their quick shipping. I made this an initial review because I have not actually used this as a primer on my shadows since I barely wear eye makeup. 

 was actually expecting a dark wax on the tub but lo and behold. This primer unlike their other shadow primer which I am using before is not a waxy balm at all. It is more of a cream concealer but with a matte finish.  The texture is drier too. The consistency is not too creamy but it blends easily when applied. Dark Buff blends evenly with my skin tone. For reference, I am NC37. Here is a swatch of this primer.

This primer reminds me of NYX eyeshadow primer in skin. 
You all know how I love their eyeshadow primer because it makes my eyeshadows pop with color. This one is also good in making shadows more vibrant!

I tested this primer with my Everbilena 24 eyeshadow palette. I love its effect but the older formula is better in making e/s pop. I have not used it though on my lids as a primer for eyeshadows. However, since I got this primer I have  been using it as a base for my concealer and for brightening my lid and under eye but it makes my me a bit teary eyed. I usually experience my concealer getting all washed out at the end of the day. When I started using this, I was pretty amaze that even after class dismissal my powder and concealer around my eyes are still in place!

Here are the samples that I received from my purchase. I got the fuchsia eyeshadow and the strawberry and coconut facial wash primer. The facial wash smells so good and it was really made of natural products!! I gave the other two samples to Chas of, my very good friend, who also ordered this primer.

 Visit The All Natural Face Shop for more of their products!
More comparative review on this primer soon. I want to apologize if I am not that responsive to questions and tags lately. I am really busy. I want to study but I am taking a day off from school today. I missed my remedial law review class this day because I am getting nauseous while studying. I will now be wearing eyeglasses. YAY!! i can't study right now. I am really stressed. I was called for recitation the other day and I was a mess. I did not study the previous provisions. My terror lady professor told me:
"To my recollection, you are one of the better students that I have. So you must live up to that. "
awww...i need to study. I need my eyeglasses asap.

Have a nice day. :D


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  1. I hope you feel better soon, Donna. Rest well! At least your professor remembers you for being a good student. =) You have gotten a bit of a reprieve today, time for you to relax =) Cheers!

  2. great review sis! :3

    i think i know who you are referring to and don't stress yourself out. LOL! just do what you can. goodluck and God bless!

  3. Looks promising :) Get better soon Donnarence! <3<3

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