ELF Lemmings

Have you seen these new palette from ELF? My jaw literally dropped when I saw them. I was lemming for the 88 pc matte palette for the longest time but I want these ELF palettes more!!! I think ELF is one of the best drugstore brands out there. When they came out with studioline, I knew this brand will be one of my fave. With cheap price but quality like that of high end ones. Who will not love ELF??:D 
(All pictures from ELF website)

    ELF Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette  

Limited Edition

Can you believe that this palette only costs 10$??wow!!! i so want this more than ever and with 100 shades in it what more can you ask for. The sad part.. It is out of stock.. 

       ELF Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette 

        This palette is for only 5$ and the colors look awesome. Aren't they??Judging from the photo, it seems a mixture of shimmery and atte shadows all in one palette. This consists of 32 shades.

This is their 5 pc. bamboo brush set very similar to that ecotools. This costs 15$..
Defining Eye Brush
This looks perfect for contouring and for a dollar??! All I can say is wow!!

ELF Eye Transformer
Convert your shadows into brand new shades with these four opalescent shadows. Wear alone, under, over or in combination with your other makeup. The opal tones transform your dark color into a new shimmering hue.
(from ELF website)

This product looks so interesting. For only 3$ you can transform the colors of your eye shadows. Yay. Just imagine how many looks you could create even with a single palette!!

This is the absolute surprise of all. If only I knew that ELF will be releasing a stippling brush, I would not have bought Lumiere's. Oh my.. a stippling brush for only 3$.. I will not dare resist!

A brush cleaner for 3 $. I am in dire need of this. I have never own a brush cleaner.. hehe Talk about washing my brushes almost everyday. :D

Their eyeliner brush looks promising as well for only a dollar!! 
Lastly, this super cute and dainty wedges for only a dollar!!

I wish someone would pool orders again for ELF!! I want these stuffs so badly!!


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  1. Love the palettes and the new brushes! I think i might go out and get them soon.


  2. Wowthe palette is so pretty! Also the packaging! Hope they open here in Manila, hehe:-)

  3. they look great,right?

    i think there's no way that elf philippines would bring these here..

    i would kill to be able to buy the studio brushes in the mall but nope, they won't!

  4. Uh, you just had me lemming for the brush set and the stippling brush. ;D

  5. i lovve elf stuff too! i have the eye tranformer palette and its sooooo cool! you can use it on its own it looks really natural and with eyeshadow it's really good for blending out colours too.

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xx

  6. OH MY! This is the first time seeing this! and I have been wanting an alternative to the 88 palette too. You just opened my eyes! I want this more too!

  7. I know what you mean about the lemmings! ELF is coming up with wonderful stuffs!

  8. ohhhhhh! can't wait! thanks for sharing this. now i'm also lemming for it. :D

  9. wow. the palettes are so pretty. the colors have so much variety too. i hope i can find a nearby place that carries elf. i tried at target, pero wala sila eh. there are a lot of things i want from this brand. especially the blushes, the big eyeshadow palette with 100 colors in it, and the stippling brush looks pretty neat too. :)

    yup, tresemme sure is intriguing. it works very good and it's very affordable. :)

  10. I have the 88 pcs palette but wow! That one has 100 shades?! I so want that too. It has all the colors plus the neutrals too that the 88 pcs lacks. Sayang, it's out of stock!

    I want some of those brushes and the brush cleaner! haha! More lemmings for me as well! :P


  11. the brushes look great! no wonder you're lemming for them =o they're so cheap yet look promising. I think they've worth buying, since they won't break the piggy bank much. haha!

  12. Im drooling for the palette! HAha

  13. Uh, you just had me lemming for the brush set and the stippling brush. ;D

  14. Wowthe palette is so pretty! Also the packaging! Hope they open here in Manila, hehe:-)


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