Midnight Strokes FOTD with Video Tutorial

Midnight Strokes FOTD

Hi everyone. I plan to do nothing today since my revalida just finished and I think my grades are quite ok. I miss blogging a lot.. hence this post. A new Fotd but with a tutorial.. :D I used my 88 avant garde palette from Dollface cosmetics.. 

Here is the tutorial:
(ohh please do not laugh!!:S)

Midnight Strokes from donnarence on Vimeo.

Some Snapshots:

I saw this vimeo site from Liz of Projectvanity.com and thought of uploading a video here not youtube.  Youtube is really scary with all those nasty comments.. :C Pardon the poor quality of my video.. It was my first time to film myslef doing makeup and I actually do not know where to look. Hahaha Please excuse every mistake on this video and my watery eyes.. The outer corner of my eyes just washed away the foundation and liner always.. :C I also inadvertently erased the part where I highlight the inner corner of my eyes.. Geezz..

Here are the products that I used:

KevinBeautymaker Aqualight Foundation in #2
In2it Foundation in Harvest
Elianto Cream COncealer in #2
Avon Simply Pretty eyebrow cake in brown
88 Dollface Avant Garde Palett
L'oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black
Milani COlor Brilliance liner in Black
Nichido GNo Pencil in Metal Blue

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Missha 4d Mascara
HBC Falsies
Aido eye putti
NYX Blush in Taupe
NYX blush in RED
Nichido Lip Pencil
ELF Liptint in Fashionista
NYX Lipgloss in GOLD PInk

Hope you like this post. :D


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  1. I like your FOTD and you're so pretty. :))

  2. looove! I've always envied your eyeshadow looks!
    I hope you're having a great day :)

  3. The last shot has to be my fave! Gorgeous! :P

  4. Very nice Donnarence! Keep it up

  5. very nice and girly! i love it! <3

  6. O wow simply stunning!!! Love the lippie too! Great blog!

  7. you're so pretty! love the eyeshadow color :)

  8. You're gorgeous!:) Love the makeup

  9. very simple and very pretty...i love it

  10. You are so gorgeous Donnarence!!! Thanks for the tutorial, now I know your technique ;) And I love that you use vimeo!! Haha, it loads faster than youtube in my case >.<

  11. Really pretty look!

  12. very nice and girly! i love it! <3

  13. looove! I've always envied your eyeshadow looks!
    I hope you're having a great day :)


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