Bronzers: The Ultimate Secret In Faking It

My Bronzer Collection

I got addicted to bronzers when I discovered the art of contouring. When I contour my face, it does not look flat anymore (hehe) and it just makes me you looks more photogenic. It was really amazing and addicting too. I watched countless of makeup videos on how to contour the face and nose. I never thought I would like bronzers this much. I can now have the much coveted well chiseled nose without going under the knife ,a cheekbone of a model and sunless tanning. haha I remember my very first bronzer was from Palladio and it looked so muddy and dirty on me. I gave up on that one. Choosing the right shade of bronzer really helps. I try to stay away from those with reddish hues. I really have a hard time working on them.

My first love will be ELF Pressed Powder in No.4 which I will be replacing soon. I was having a hard time looking for a matte bronzer for contouring and I thought of using a darker shade of pressed powder and it worked!!! What I love about it is that it is so inexpensive and it blends with my foundation really well.

Here is my current favorite:

 Milani's Bronzer in Medium. This is from their Spring 2010 Collection. I do not use this for contouring but as a blush!! Looks perfect when paired with pink lipstick!! It has tiny gold flecks which is hardly noticeable when worn. 

Swatches Galore:
I also love the Maybelline Mineral Power Bronzer. I mix it with my liquid foundation to get that luminous and sun kissed look. I included NYX Taupe in this collection because I use this for contouring. I find the shade a bit off because it looks grayish brown on me. Milani Coffee and Cream is a duo blusher which you can use alone or you can mix both colors. Here is my blog post about it.

My birthday is on the 13th, this Saturday. One of my wishlist is a matte bronzer from Dollface Cosmetics. 
I want to get myself this mini contour and highlight palette plus the 88 matte palette. Until I saw this from Say's post:
The all new vanity palette of Dollface!!!! EEEKKKKKKKK 
I am completely confused!! Help!! 

I will do a post about contouring soon. :D

** The two pictures are taken from Dollface Cosmetics Site. **
Care to share you favorite bronzer?



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  1. Advance Happy Birthday, Donna! :P I am lemming for the contour kit too. Hope you get them all on your big day! :)

  2. I suggest you get what your heart tells you.. hahahah.. but If i were you, I'll go for the mini contouring palette, since that's the one you really need. :)

  3. Advance Happy birthday Donna! I love your bronzer collection! I own a couple of bronzers but my favorite is MAC MSF in gold spill, I use it to contour my cheekbones. ELF is good din, nakita ko yung blush/bronzer duo nila and its really cute pero I still have their Sunkissed bronzer, inuubos ko pa!

  4. Advance happy birthday donna! ( from me and Mr. Marshy ) I suggest get the contouring duo of dollface cosmetics! its like the DSquared one from MAC. :)

  5. Advance happy birthday dear! wow~ i find myself falling in love with bronzers too :D you have a nice collection! i want to try Milani too.oh,where did you buy your maybelline power bronzer?

  6. i too am obsessed with contouring. life is not the same without it LOL i better stock up on bronzers soon :))

  7. Advanced happy birthday!
    Unlike you, i haven't discovered the art of contouring yet. hehe.. so maybe i'll check youtube videos too!

  8. i love bronzers too.

    advance happy birthday dear!

  9. Happy Early Birthday!!!!

    I dont use bronze to bronze either, I use it as a contour. You can buy face powder but in a deep shade and that works good too!

    I gotta try that Milani one though, I want a new bronzer!

  10. I'm absolutely addicted to bronzers too as I have super light skintone. They are definitely a staple in my makeup collection, along with mascara, of course (=

  11. i seriously thought "faking it" was another thing. hahaha

    but i love bronzers too! how's the EFL duo blusher? can you do a review about it? thanks thanks!

  12. Milani bronzer looks amazing. Thanks for swatches dear :)

  13. Why can't I view the photos? It's just black with a triangle inside and an exclamation point. :(


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