Yum: Lolo Echot's Cakes and Pastries

I have a confession to make.. I eat a lot and when I say a lot --- its not for a woman's appetite but a man's. HEHE.. I love eating as much as I am fond of makeup and shopping. I cannot resist sweets.. My lola (grandmother) will always remind me to stop munching chocolates every now and then. YAY!! My college friend and my lawschool bff, Jessy, introduced me to her first love-- cooking and baking. I am just so proud of her. She and her siblings have this business called Lolo Echot's Cakes and Pastries. Their cupcakes, revel bars and chocolate cakes are so addicting!!

Here are a few pictures of their products!

I can eat the whole box.. I was even begging her to give me a jar of icing!!

Look at their very first debut service!! I already told her that she'll be making my wedding cake!! hehe

Homemade Treats are still the best. Their yummy chocolate cake.
Here is a list of their products and contact details. Godbless everyone. :D

** pictures from their Facebook Page:

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  1. Oh my god those cakes are very pretty! Want to get them all! :)

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  3. oh my gawd!!! i just had dinner but now i'm craving for something sweet na rin! the cupcakes are so yummy-looking! :D

  4. These cupcakes are awesome!! I want one!

  5. oh wooooww it looks too good to eat!! but it's super tempting!! xDD

  6. I FREAKING LOVE CUPCAKES. Now I am hungry :P


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