On Insecurities and Beyond

No makeup.
Just sunlight.

I should be feeling festive right now since Christmas is just around the corner. I have been to two Christmas Parties already and will still attend to 3 more. I woke up yesterday feeling gloomy. I grab the mirror and stared blankly to myself. 

I feel so ugly. 

My hair is as dry as the desert and no amount of intensive conditioning can save it.
My face looks so weary too. I wish I was prettier like those girls on screen.
My psoriasis flared up a month ago... Thank you stress.
I gained seven pounds with people telling me I do not look fat. Ohh... Now the scale is lying.. 7 lbs. in just a few months is just too alarming.
The changes in the bar examinations is causing way too much pressure on me. :C

Hopefully, I will feel better later.
I have a life to live. 

Blessings to count and be thankful for... 


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  1. You know, I get those kind of feeling sometimes so I understand you. But I hope you feel better very soon because you're beautiful, promise!

  2. Cheer up, Donna dear! :D I also sometimes feel that way. We all have our "ugly" moments, I think! But don't worry, it'll pass.:D Happy Holidays! ♥♥♥

  3. I hope you feel better sis. Think and feel positive. Have a happy Holidays. :)

  4. Ah... Law school. :)

    Dear, I know you're super stressed but don't let it get the best of you. I know it's hard to balance law school with other activities but we must. You shouldn't feel bad about how you look. There are tons of ways to feel better and now's the time to relax and unwind. I usually spend like crazy whenever I get stressed or depressed and I eat everything I see. LOL! Just try to find an outlet. Chillax lang oks? :)

    I was under Justice Abad and Justice Peralta in UST. It's actualy ironic that J. Abad who taught us legal writing is the chairperson of the MCQs. O.o

    Take a deep breath and smile. Heads up! ;) It's the Holidays after all. Enjoy your Christmas vacation!

  5. Donna, always remember that you are a beautiful lady inside and out. Physical beauty eventually fades but not what's inside of you. Cheer up! I know you'll feel better about yourself soon. Just think of all the blessings you've had. And your family too who will love and accept you no matter what. :)

  6. Dont be. Im chubby and i just try to forget about my weight. i already accepted the fact that some people have fast metabolism and God gave me the slow one. The most important is we have a loyal and loving boyfriend beside us who love us no matter what.

    I love your blog donnarence. im new to blogspot. thanks for reading my comment. Have a Merry Christmas Vacation :)


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