Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eyeko Mail

I have been very busy with school. Hello to stress and sleepless nights. I am almost losing my sanity because my computer broke down. UGH!! thank god it is now fixed. I recently got these stuffs which Eyeko sent me. As always, I am thrilled when they asked me if I wanted to try their new products. 

They sent me fierce purple.

Here are the shades that I got:

Eyeko Tea Rose Polish
A soft pink cream that is the picture of pastoral elegance

Eyeko Coral Polish
Dreaming of Ipanema beach? This flattering coral bright will get your toes resort-ready.
Eyeko Vampira Polish
Dare to wear this lust-worthy glossy black lacquer dripping with blood red shimmer

That's all for now.. I might be posting a review on my GOSH eyeshadow base tomorrow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lemmings: The All Natural Face Vegan Oily Lid Eyeshadow PRIMER in Dark Buff Color

(picture from  http://www.etsy.com/shop/theallnaturalface)

I know my All Natural Face Eyeshadow primer creases big time but I still love it (a lot). This is always my primer on my eotd's and i also foil my e/s with the use of damp cloth with my homemade mixing medium. Click here for tutorial on how to make your own mixing medium.  It can make my eyeshadow look so pigmented.. It even made the fashion 21 eyebrow duo work for me. See my older post. I use it as a base of my eyebrow duo. Then, I bumped into their new formula --- an eyeshadow primer for oily lids.. Now, I want this one instead of Etude House Proof 10 and ELF Mineral Eyeshadow!! I want!! I really do.. I will buy ASAP!! hahaha

click here for more comparative photos on the all natural face eyeshadow primer effect

Green with Envy EOTD with GOSH Green Grass Velvet Touch Liner

Green with Envy EOTD
School has officially started but we have not met any professors yet. Yey. I was cleaning my makeup stash and found my green gosh velvet liner which I got from Chyix when I won her contest. I was inspired by this GOSH liner to create this green EOTD. 

Products Used:
the all natural face eyeshadow primer
180 eyeshadow palette
l'oreal lineur intense 
avon black liner
fashion 21 eyebrow duo
covergirl eyelights mascara in black pearl
falsies from HBC

More Picture of this Look:


This liner is goes on very smoothly. On my EOTD, I used it on my lower lashline. The color is very vibrant and pigmented too. This is absolutely waterproof. I have tried rubbing it with water and it did not budge nor smudge at all!! But with soap and water, this liner easily comes off. Applying it is very easy because it glides smoothly on skin. The consistency is creamy and the staying power is awesome too. I really wish GOSH is available in the Philippines!!

To my readers, I hope you like this look. Thank you so much for following my blog. I already hit 500 followers!! WOW!! that's a lot. This came as a surprise to me because unlike other blogs I do not feature MAC , Nars or other high end brands but still I gain followers.  I truly appreciate it. Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Fashion 21 Eyebrow Duo

120 pesos, half the price or less of those eyebrow kit available in the market. I hurriedly grab this and paid it at the counter. My nichido brow pencil in medium brown looks reddish on me. It screams FAKE and UNNATURAL! I decided to give this a shot.  I love trying local products that are really budget friendly..

What I like about this product:
  • The price!! 120 pesos for a brow kit is a steal but this is the only thing I like about it because the product is not good at all!

What I hate about it:
  • This is very sheer. The color pay off is so poor.
  • The brush that comes with it is not really useful! 
  • The product itself does not adhere really well on my brows. I have swiped a lot of times on my brow but nothing dramatic happened. Applying this is a waste of time!
  • It is very powdery too. 

This is my bare brow. I am not fond of my brows, honestly. They are very thin and I usually have a hard time fixing them. I am envious of those girls gifted with thick brows. They look more attractive and younger plus thick brows provides more protection for your eyes against the sweat and dust.. Too bad, I aint gifted at all. I specifically wanted a taupe brow pencil but I cannot find one from our local brands. Any recommendations?

Here is the picture with Fashion 21 Eyebrow Duo:

The eyebrow duo has a very light coverage and after a lot of swiping it just gives me a natural look. I am so frustrated.:C

This is a swatch of  the brow duo. I already swiped that thrice and look how light the colors are. I will never buy this product again. 

Right now, I will be making this product work.. I will be using this together with my All Natural Face Eyeshadow Primer to make the color more vibrant and the angled brush that comes with it.ALl bought from ETsy.com. Next buy will prolly be Nichido brow kit  or the Skinfood brow kit . 

SkincareRX Giveaway WINNER

Hi readers!! I have lost track of time.. My giveaway is already closed since June 10 and it is only now that I have chosen the winner. I am really sorry for this late post.. I got carried away with the last few days of my vacation.. I would like to thank everyone who joined my giveaway and those who followed instructions. I am sorry to those who did not. I instantaneously rendered your entries VOID. I would like to give a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my reader who won this contest.

She is none other than:

MICHELLE of http://youngvanity.blogspot.com

This is a great way to your  makeup blog..Btw, I have already contacted you for details.
Godbless you. :D

Thank you SkincareRX for this opportunity.
Visit their website for their products : http://skincarerx.com/
And try visiting their La Roche- Posay skincare line

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Fave PINK Lipstick

Don't you guys just love pink lipstick?? I think pink lipstick makes me feel so pretty and girly..  However, not all pink lipsticks suit my medium skintone. I prefer warm shades of pink and those with hints of purple or those that are too light make me look like a freak. Those which are medium - rich/deep shade of pink suits me  and also those with brown undertones. 

These are my three favorite pink lipsticks:
Ever Bilena in Pink Flame
This shade is so pretty. I actually like the matte finish of this one because it does not stain my teeth!This does not wear off easily compared to NYX lipsticks! However, this is really drying. 

This is a medium toned warm pink lipstick. This is one of my favorite NYX lipstick.  It suits my yellow toned skin pretty well. It is not too bright for my taste but like most NYX round lipsticks this easily glides off my lips after an hour or two. I can wear this during the day and during night outs too. I also notice that this has a hint of coral shade in it. 

NYX Fig -- Ever Bilena in Pink Flame
They look almost the same. The difference? Pink flame is a tad bit darker than fig.

NYX Louisiana
This is a bright hot pink lipstick with blue undertones. This does not suit my skin tone too well like FIG but I still love it!!hehe.. NYX lipsticks also has that soapy scent which I am not a fan of. Their lipsticks glides smoothly but wears off easily too.

Ever Bilena Pink Flame -- NYX Louisiana

Me wearing FIG.. :D

Me wearing PINK FLAME

To my readers: what is your favorite pink lipstick?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adieu to Summer + New Addiction

2 more days before schools starts and the he rain is pouring almost every other day.
I am officially saying goodbye to summer because my next summer will be spent more on books in preparation for the bar examinations.Just the thought of it makes my heart beat speeds up. This is my last year in law school and I promise that I will do good more than ever. 

Just like what a professor/justice in my school says:
Pray, pray, pray
Study, study, study

Remember: Education is a privilege ,let's make the most out of it. 

Moving on.. My latest addiction is watching Filipina makeup gurus in YOUTUBE.. Yes.. I love watching them. Actually, I wanna join the bandwagon but on second thought... NAH!!!! hehehe I am too shy. LOL

Do you know any Filipina makeup gurus in youtube? if so... please share their channel to me..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tutorial: Bigger Eyes (Easy Soft Smokey Look)

Hi readers.. Since school is fast approaching.. I decided to create a very simple look. I know my eotds look a bit intricate with all the different colors I am using. In this look, I am inspired by Korean and Japanese eye makeup.. Their eyes look so big and soo kawaii.. I really adore them. I have puffy eyes with dark circles underneath. Their makeup just look so refreshing.. Not too much color but more emphasis on the lashes and eyeliner.. Here is a quick tutorial of this look:
For this look I will be using this palette from NYX. The shade is Honeycomb.
The middle shade of brown is really lovely!!

First, I prime my lids with elf duo cream eyeshadow in olive. I am using the brown shade. Apply it on your lid.

Then, feather out the edges to create a softer brown shade on the crease.

Line your eyes with a black eyeliner pencil and  smudge it. Make sure to line your upper waterline to create a more defined look.

I apply the lightest shade of the NYX palette on the brow bone.. I defined my brows using Nichido brow pencil in medium brown. Apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes. Put on some falsies and apply black liner on your lower waterline.
Smudge black liner on the outer part of you lash line. And of course, sweep some white shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes.

Here is the Final Look of the Eyes:

The Final Look:
^I look so different!! hehe

On the face I use:
Revlon Photoready in Golden Beige
Elianto cream concealer in deep 2
MAC Melba blush
NYX lipstick in Indian Pink (I LOVE THIS!!)
For contouring I use ELF pressed powder in tone 4!! (This is very useful and long lasting on me compared to my NYX blush in taupe)

^^my nose!! i love love.. it looks nice with all those contouring.. 
hindi na ako pango (I ain't flat nosed anymore) hehe

I want to do more FOTD's before classes resume. :C

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: Etude House Super Aqua Sun Guard SPF 35/PA ++

Etude House Super Aqua Sun Guard 
SPF 35/PA ++
Wt: 50 ml.
Price: 299.00 pesos
 Daily sun cream with light texture and freshness of seaweed extracts protects the skin from the harmful UV rays. 

I was looking for a nice everyday sunblock. I opted for this one instead of Neutrogena's and Belo's sunblock. I was drawn by its cute yellow packaging and its light consistency. Etude House Super Aqua Sun Guard has a very fresh scent which I really like. This blends easily on my skin. 
The three things I love most about this product are:


I am not really fond of sunblock at all. I would rather use foundations or BB creams with built in sun protection because they feel lighter on skin. This product changed my mind. This spreads evenly on my face and helps in moisturizing my dry skin too.Overall, this product is really good. The downside is the low SPF. I think my next buy would be Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock. 
It is a green sunblock but it does not give a white cast at all.

I did not blend the sunblock very well because i want you to see its consistency which is really nice --- not too runny at all nor too thick.

I love the fact that it is travel friendly. Look how big the tube is. It fits perfectly in my makeup kit.

I am really confused with SPF and PA++. So for newbies out there like me.. Here is what it means.. :D


What is the deal with SPF?
SPF stands for sun protection factor. It is mainly a measure of UVB protection shown on the product labels. Sunscreens available in general markets offer as low as SPF 9 up to SPF 60 or above. The number indicates how much the sunscreen helps to prolong the onset of sunburn in a person. For example, for a person who would actually burn under the sun after 10 minutes of exposure, sunscreen with an SPF of 25 will delay the beginning of sunburn to 250 minutes. SPF 25 sunscreen allows a person to stay out in the sun 25 times longer.
According to the dermatologist, sunscreen with an SPF of 25 to 30 should be enough to protect you from ultraviolet rays in case you stay mostly indoors. However, in case you need to stay outdoors where the exposure to the sun is much stronger, sunscreen with an SPF of 50 to 60 is highly recommended.
What does PA+++ mean?
Apart from SPF, some sunscreen labels also list a "PA" ranking. While SPF indicates how much the product can protect you from UVB, PA on the other hand refers to the amount of protection the sunscreen offers against UVA rays, Dr Nussra notes. You will see PA+, PA++ and PA+++. More plus symbols mean more protection from UVA.