Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Face Shop Professional Makeup Base in Green

I actually do not have any idea if this has been discontinued because I have not been visiting the face shop in ages. This has been in my makeup stash for quite sometime now. I tried their clear Span Primer before but I am not that impressed. I am not a fan of primer because of my super dry skin but eventually saw the need to buy a green primer/corrector because nasty rashes have been a big problem for me. I bought this online for only 195 pesos. If I am not mistaken, this costs around 350 pesos. 

Oil-free, non-sticky makeup base helps skin banish unwanted shine for fresh makeup. Green neutralizes redness and evens out skin tone.

What I love about this Primer:
  • Smoothens my face. This creates a flawless and poreless skin.
  • Gives me a nice glow 
  • Reduces the redness on my skin especially my red pimple marks and rashes.
  • I also mix this with my other foundation especially Revlon photogenic liquid foundation and it makes the consistency better and more blendable. 
  • Blends very well on my skin.
  • It instantly brightens my face and somehow prolong my foundation.
  •  Very affordable and it did not break me out.
What I hate about this Primer:
  • TOO MUCH of this product makes your foundation cakey .
  • Gives off that unnatural white cast, so you have to apply a minimal amount of this product only.

The consistency of this primer is really thick but blendable.

Here is a picture of this product when blended on my skin.
Evidently, it gives off that white cast in pictures so you better dab a small amount on your face.

The next picture will showcase my ugly skin when I am suffering from rashes and breakouts. 
See, how it covered up my pores and lessen the redness on my skin?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Initial Review: The All Natural face Oily Lid Shadow Primer In Dark Buff

It is finally here!! My All Natural Face Oily Lid Primer in Dark Buff. I bought this last June 20 and it arrived last week. What I love about All Natural Face Shop is their quick shipping. I made this an initial review because I have not actually used this as a primer on my shadows since I barely wear eye makeup. 

 was actually expecting a dark wax on the tub but lo and behold. This primer unlike their other shadow primer which I am using before is not a waxy balm at all. It is more of a cream concealer but with a matte finish.  The texture is drier too. The consistency is not too creamy but it blends easily when applied. Dark Buff blends evenly with my skin tone. For reference, I am NC37. Here is a swatch of this primer.

This primer reminds me of NYX eyeshadow primer in skin. 
You all know how I love their eyeshadow primer because it makes my eyeshadows pop with color. This one is also good in making shadows more vibrant!

I tested this primer with my Everbilena 24 eyeshadow palette. I love its effect but the older formula is better in making e/s pop. I have not used it though on my lids as a primer for eyeshadows. However, since I got this primer I have  been using it as a base for my concealer and for brightening my lid and under eye but it makes my me a bit teary eyed. I usually experience my concealer getting all washed out at the end of the day. When I started using this, I was pretty amaze that even after class dismissal my powder and concealer around my eyes are still in place!

Here are the samples that I received from my purchase. I got the fuchsia eyeshadow and the strawberry and coconut facial wash primer. The facial wash smells so good and it was really made of natural products!! I gave the other two samples to Chas of, my very good friend, who also ordered this primer.

 Visit The All Natural Face Shop for more of their products!
More comparative review on this primer soon. I want to apologize if I am not that responsive to questions and tags lately. I am really busy. I want to study but I am taking a day off from school today. I missed my remedial law review class this day because I am getting nauseous while studying. I will now be wearing eyeglasses. YAY!! i can't study right now. I am really stressed. I was called for recitation the other day and I was a mess. I did not study the previous provisions. My terror lady professor told me:
"To my recollection, you are one of the better students that I have. So you must live up to that. "
awww...i need to study. I need my eyeglasses asap.

Have a nice day. :D

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mylipstuff Lipbalm

I received my prize from Mikki sposored by held her giveaway sponsored by Mylipstuff. She notified me that I have won a week ago and I recieved the prize for less than a week. That was a really fast shipping. I normally get parcels from abroad within a month. 
I received 6 yummy flavored lip balms!!

Almond Just like the nut.

Raspberry Tea Fresh Raspberries blended with Tea.

Jelly Doughnut Iced Doughnut, with Grape Jelly. Stevia Sweetened.

Maple Smells just like fresh Maple Syrup. Stevia sweetened.

Pecan Pie Nuts, buttery crust, and Maple make up our version of this pie!

*Upside Down Pineapple Cake Pineapple, Cake, with hints of vanilla & caramel make up this customer request! Stevia sweetened.

My favorite scent is raspberry tea but my mom wanted it so bad I just gave it to her. Jelly doughnut is also yummy. I am currently using the pineapple pie which has a sweet after taste!! I love it. I was bewildered with the packaging of pineapple pie, it is only now that I realized that is it an UPSIDE down pineapple cake. These lipbalms for me are very relaxing. I got bored of my Kiehl's lipbalm on a pot because it has  no scent. Mylipstuffs lip balm give my lips a soft sheen and moisturizes it nicely. I still want the flavor peace of mind and they also offer these lipbalms with the following variations:

My Lip Stuff Lip Tint
This is the same recipe as our original My Lip Stuff with the addition of Hemp Oil and Mica to make a silky smooth moisturizing lip balm that adds just a hint of color to your lips!

My Lip Stuff Lickity Lips
is a richer version of My Lip Stuff with the addition of Mango Butter & Hemp Oil to deeply moisturize dry lips!

My Lip Stuff Glitter Stick
is the same recipe as the original My Lip Stuff with the addition of superfine glitter! Apply to lips, body, & anywhere you want a touch of glitter!

My Lip Stuff For MEN!
is specially formulated with Hemp Butter, Cocoa Butter, & Mango Butter for men's lips! No shine, No flavor, No glitter- just an awesome moisturizing lip balm!!

I want the tinted ones soon!! Visit their site for more details.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

GOSH Eye Shadow Base

(description from GOSH website)

This silky soft, creamy base in stick form makes easy application. Extremely waterproof, it gives all types of eyeshadow a beautiful, long-lasting appearance without melting. Recommended for eyes that easily tear up. GOSH eye shadow base has a high melting point so even under hot skies, the eyeshadow remains perfect. The creamy consistency makes it easy to apply on the eyelid and tone out with your finger or an applicator/brush. Apply eye shadow on top and blend with the base to get eye shadow that will last the whole day.  

  • Makes eye shadow waterproof
  • Perfect base for all traditional powder eye shadows 
  • Never needs to be sharpen
  • Always ready for use
  • No preservatives
  • Contains no perfume

Hi everyone. Another review of a product that is not locally available.. Perhaps this is the penultimate reason why I have more international readers than local ones.. :S I bought this from sis Ida of I cannot resist because it is only 130 pesos!! I was looking for a new eye shadow base that could withstand Philippine's humidity and weird weather changes which is really alarming right? I wanted to buy Etide House Proof 10 primer but it was always OOS (out of stock). I gave this a try despite the lack of review in the internet and I am really curious about GOSH cosmetics. I love their velvet touch eyeliner which is really waterproof!! I also bought this because I have problems using shimmery eye shadows.. The light shimmery ones does not actually show up on me and glides off quickly on my lids. I have read that this works best with shimmery eye shadows.

This eye shadow base comes in a stick form which is really easy to use. This looks like a regular eyeshadow stick.

When applied, it looks like a white shimmery base. The consistency reminded me of artdeco's e/s base but better. This shadow base glides smoothly but it dries quickly. 

After blending it gives off that nice sheen. You can actually use this alone to highlight your lids!

(top: without base, down: with base)
I use my 180 palette in this picture. I tried using it with shimmery e/s and it made my e/s color look better.

(left: without base, right with base)
I want to dispel doubts on this base. Being a shimmery base, some say it would not look good on matte e/s but try looking at the picture above. It can be use with any kind of eye shadow. However unlike my all natural face primer, this does not enhances the color of eye shadow that much. 

What I love about this eye shadow base:

  • Makes my eye shadow adhere better on my lids even those powder ones.
  • Brings out the true color in my e/s. It looks good especially on light shimmery eyeshadows and those blue and violet ones. 
  • Glides easily and smoothly. I have no problem using two- three coats of this one. Just make sure to blend very well to prevent it from caking.
  • Very easy to use since it is in stick form.
  • This prevented my eye shadow from creasing.
  • It really made my e/s last longer!!! My eye shadow stayed put for 7 hrs!But I have yet to try this on a really hot and humid day. 
  • It can be used with matte or shimmery eye shadows.
What I do not like about this eye shadow base:

  • Not locally available.. :C 
  • Dries quickly.
  • I think this will not look good on lids with wrinkles since it tends to highlight lines. 
A comparative test. My eyeshadow after7 hours.

After 7 hours. Sorry for the blurry pic it was already night time when I took this picture. As you can see my eye shadow stayed in place. My eyeshadow just faded a little. I am excited to get my All Natural Face Eye Primer for oily lids!!! I already ordered and I can't wait.