Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Snow White Lips : Revlon Creations Rouge Lipstick

Since school started I tried to take off my kikay/kaartehan cloak in school and I even tried harder shifting to the Nerdy Mode. To no avail, I cannot resist reading beauty blogs and buying online. :S  I even dared myself countless of times to wear make up in school. My aunt from Paris, France arrived a week ago. She was opening her balikbayan box and handed out to me lipsticks from Revlon and H&M.I immediately grabbed the Revlon one. 

Rouge Glamour

I tried looking for  a review about this lipstick on the net. I found out that this is not available in the US. This particular line was from Revlon Paris which is designed specifically for the European market. I thought I found my best red lipstick from Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Red Revival but this one is more of a true red. The former has a hint of dark fuchsia pink in it. This lipstick is super creamy even on my dry lips and does not look too matte.

Red is Sexy. 

No lipliner. No balm. Just Revlon Rouge Lipstick.

Btw, I got a comment from an anonymous reader alarming me of someone using my pictures for an online shop. I want to take an action but everything was written in Spanish. (Spanish is one of my hatest subject way back in college!!) Thank you for your concern.