Sunday, November 28, 2010

42 pc. palette by MOI Cosmetics

42 pc. palette by Moi Cosmetics

Hi everyone.. I know I told you before that I am on blogging hiatus but since we have a long weekend due to a Holiday Monday I decided to destress and go blogging. I have been drooling over this palette since I saw blog posts and youtube videos raving about this palette. I was browsing through multiply when I saw a post of  Moi Cosmetics  which screams SALE!! I was expecting a mere 10% off or free shipping sale but lo and behold!!! I saw this 42 pc. palette which is usually sold for 950 pesos and now for only 500 pesos!!! It's a sale, a makeup enthusiast can never resist.. I bought my 180 palette from them a year ago.. Alison of Moi Cosmetics was nice enough to give me a sample of a gold cosmetic glitter. 

Alison told me that there was only one pc. left and it has a damaged eyeshadow. I don't mind at all but she gave it to me for free shipping.I tried doing the alcohol trick. It worked but the eyeshadow looked awful weird. haha I am not really good with pressing makeup noh??  For a first timer like me, it looks quite bearable.. hehe 

First part

2nd part

It came with two applicators which does not look useful at all..

Some swatches of the eyeshadows. I was really expecting a lot from this palette since it has a lot of good reviews. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed with it.. The colors look almost the same. There is no much variety in it. There were a lot of purple shade -- 5 to be exact, 3 reds and 3 pinks and on.. The shades are too redundant in my opinion.  I am not just happy with the shades. The black was not that pigmented too.. (I find that weird!!) but the best thing about them is that they are really pigmented and matte. They are swatched with primer and the shades are really vibrant. Now, I miss doing eye makeup. :C

The 10 blushes are simply L-O-V-E!!! I do not know what the applicator is for.. It will to you hours if you use that for blush application.. hehe 

I love the 1st ad 2nd shade on the bottom and the third one on the upper row.. The blushes are a mix of matte and shimmery finishes. I am not a fan of the light pink shades since they really look weird on me..

They look so nice right??

The blushes and the palette are powdery as you can see from the swatches but they are really pigmented. This palette is perfect for travel.. It is very sleek and lightweight too. You can create lots of look with it.

Here are the swatches of the blushes:

I also bought the two pc. highlight and contour palette from Moi Cosmetics! Yes, I finally got one!! YEY.. I will be posting about it soon. 

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Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Crave

Lipstain + Balm

Hi everyone!! I saw this post from Kim of Shopcoholic  about Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and I was really drawn to the shade "crave." Thereafter, she sent me a private message via facebook asking me if i want it!! I said YES without hesitation.. She gave it to me as a gift for my birthday... Super thank you Kim!!!

Product Info from Revlon Website:

-Kiss-proof color with soft shine
-Nourishing balm for supreme comfort
-Lipstain and balm in one convenient, dual-ended package
-Lipstain marker provides precise application
-Color does not smudge or streak
-Contains vitamin C for for anti-oxidant protection 
-Creamy, lightweight balm perfectly melts on lips for smooth, glide-on application
-Translucent balm provides instant moisture and soft shine

I always love using lipstain since it stays longer on my lips and  I hate retouching especially when I am in school. 
The balm is really nice.. I love that it makes my lips well moisturized and gives me that beautiful sheen too.

My very first time to use a felt tip lipstain. It really help in giving my lips a more defined look.

This stain is really pigmented.

What to love:

  • Very pigmented. If you just want a hint of color on your lips apply it very lightly. On the other hand, I love layering it to get a bolder shade.. I think it is perfect to wear to parties because it will not wear off easily.
  • You get two products in 1. A stain and a balm.. I use the balm alone to moisturize my lips.. Really nice product from revlon.
  • It lasts for a very long time.
  • Available locally
  • It feels really light on the lips. 
  • The felt tip helps in precise application. It gives my lips a more defined look.. What I do is line the outer shape of my lips first then filling it. 
  • Transfer resistant.
What to hate:
  • Very drying. You have to really moisturize your lips before using it.
  • Be careful using the lipbalm because it is affixed in a protruding manner it easily breaks. I broke mine.. :C 

The shade crave is a sexy deep fushia with hints of dark purple in it. Very exquisite color!!

I was wearing it while studying!!hahaha Feeling  fab while learning..
It made my teeth look whiter!! 
(pardon the dark circles.. I am not wearing any makeup at all except for the lipstain.)

I think Revlon is coming up with really great products.. 
Thanks Kim!!!! God bless you more!!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beauty and Minerals at SAINT JAMES BAZAAR!!

YEY for long weekends..
Catch Beauty and Minerals at St. James Bazaar!! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Post

Hello everyone. Yesterday was my birthday. It was very simple but I am happy. I did not expect much but surprises came which really made my day special. I am now a quarter of century old.. haha This is my aunt's gift to me. She lives in Manhattan, NY. She is the coolest!! We can talk of makeup for hours and anything under the sun. I envy her so much.. Sephora is just across her apartment!! I look up to her as one of my 2nd mom. I am just happy she is always there to support me and all my other aunts too. I love 'em all. She sent these to me. I was really looking forward to this package. I thought she will only be sending this Allure magazine but she sent more. She is the sweetest!! She gave me the Aveeno tinted moisturizer which is really good especially for those with dry skin and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Raspberry. I have been using them since they arrived!!! Thanks tita!!! 

Next, Sophie of Beautynomics, emailed me the other day and told me that she wanted to give me something for my birthday!!GASPS!! I am soo overwhelmed!! We met yesterday at the Moonlit Bazaar in Rockwell. She was so bubbly and pretty. I was just in awe. Look at what she gave me?? WOW!! A Charm Flat Top Brush... move over ELF Powder Brush!! This brush is really soft and silky. She also gave me eyeshadow samples and a blush!! The eyeshadows are so pigmented and the colors are very exquisite! I can't wait too try them all.  You might want to check out her online store:

Thank you so much Sophie!! You really made me so happy!!It was really nice meeting you.

I finally get to see her her Charm brushes and I was like OH MY GOSH!! They are too cute and soft! I was like a little kid in a candy store. I am now officially saving for their Charm Travel Pro Brush Set V2!!This picture from Beauty and Mineral Multiply Shop. This brush contains everything you need.. Look!! 

 A gift from BF. We have not yet bought his other gifts for me because I have no time to go malls lately. School is killing me. 

 Excuse the wrong spelling. This was made by my younger sister!!She is really thoughtful.Thank you baby!

Swatches and Reviews of these products will be on December. I will be on blogging hiatus starting now. I hope all of you understand.. I will keep on reading blogs though because it my way of removing stress. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yum: Bake and Churn's Chilly Cup + My Birthday WISHLIST!

Hi readers!! Today is my last day of sembreak.. huhu I am back to studying again tomorrow. :C However, I must be more positive than ever this time. With God's help, this will be my last semester in law school. Anyways, I saw Kim's ( post on Bake and Churn's chilly cups. Although I love sweets, I was never into ice cream except the ones sold by Bake and Churn. Their outlets are usually found at SM malls. My favorite ice cream flavors are: choco fudge brownie and black forest!!! I recently got hooked to their  Black forest Ice Cream Bar. ooohhh... I am telling you this is just so heavenly!!! It only costs 30 pesos and I can eat three bars of it! I am controlling myself though.. I am gaining a lot of weight lately.. :C I saw this post from Kim and she featured this chilly cups. I asked BF to buy me one yesterday. I love it. It was ice cream and cake rolled into one. A must try frozen delight! I must try their ice cream cakes soon.
It did not melt when BF brought it at my house.

After 15 mins... This was all gone!

And here is my birthday wishlist (I am turning 25 this 13th of November!!) :
These are just wishlis

MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer!! I really want one!
** Photo from Mac Website**
Sigma Brushes Eyes Kit 
Sigma Brushes Synthetic Face Kit

** Photos from Sigma Website **

Urban Decay Naked Palette
** Photo from Urban Decay Website **
I never thought I would a palette as expensive like this one but the colors are so wearable. I also want more dollface palettes!!
I am in need of a new camera. Taking pictures has never been so frustrating lately because the weather is too gloomy. I can not take pictures without the lights on plus I need a lot of sunlight!I just want a new camera.
My ultimate wish Sony Nex 5 camera. This is absolutely handy and the picture quality is just like a dslr!! I really want this!!! Photo from here

Or this Nikon D5000 camera. I love the fact that it is easier to take self portraits because the monitor is very flexible!!
Photo from here

And my very last option, Sony Cybershot  W-350. I like handy cameras more than those huge dslr ones..

I know I will not receive these stuffs on my birthday. I am just crossing my fingers that my graduation gift is a new camera!!!! On my birthday, I just want to be with my loved ones and hopefully I won't be called for recitation that day. Lord, spare me.

This photo from 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bronzers: The Ultimate Secret In Faking It

My Bronzer Collection

I got addicted to bronzers when I discovered the art of contouring. When I contour my face, it does not look flat anymore (hehe) and it just makes me you looks more photogenic. It was really amazing and addicting too. I watched countless of makeup videos on how to contour the face and nose. I never thought I would like bronzers this much. I can now have the much coveted well chiseled nose without going under the knife ,a cheekbone of a model and sunless tanning. haha I remember my very first bronzer was from Palladio and it looked so muddy and dirty on me. I gave up on that one. Choosing the right shade of bronzer really helps. I try to stay away from those with reddish hues. I really have a hard time working on them.

My first love will be ELF Pressed Powder in No.4 which I will be replacing soon. I was having a hard time looking for a matte bronzer for contouring and I thought of using a darker shade of pressed powder and it worked!!! What I love about it is that it is so inexpensive and it blends with my foundation really well.

Here is my current favorite:

 Milani's Bronzer in Medium. This is from their Spring 2010 Collection. I do not use this for contouring but as a blush!! Looks perfect when paired with pink lipstick!! It has tiny gold flecks which is hardly noticeable when worn. 

Swatches Galore:
I also love the Maybelline Mineral Power Bronzer. I mix it with my liquid foundation to get that luminous and sun kissed look. I included NYX Taupe in this collection because I use this for contouring. I find the shade a bit off because it looks grayish brown on me. Milani Coffee and Cream is a duo blusher which you can use alone or you can mix both colors. Here is my blog post about it.

My birthday is on the 13th, this Saturday. One of my wishlist is a matte bronzer from Dollface Cosmetics. 
I want to get myself this mini contour and highlight palette plus the 88 matte palette. Until I saw this from Say's post:
The all new vanity palette of Dollface!!!! EEEKKKKKKKK 
I am completely confused!! Help!! 

I will do a post about contouring soon. :D

** The two pictures are taken from Dollface Cosmetics Site. **
Care to share you favorite bronzer?


Mestiza Complete Herbal Soap

Younger, I was made to believe (thank you media!!!) that girls with fairer skin are beautiful. I tried a lot of whitening products from lotion to cream to glutathione capsules. This soap was recommended by my very good friend. I gave it a shot and have been using this for a year now.. Did my skin get lighter? a little perhaps..  I actually do not know but I kept coming back to this soap because it is not drying at all unlike other papaya soaps that I have tried. This makes me feel super clean too. hehe This only costs 42 pesos and is readily available at wastons and mercury drug stores. 

Active ingredients:Papaya extract,Carrot extract, banana extract, VCO, Calamansi extract and many more. (I got tired of typing sorry.. hehe) It says it helps clear pimples, black spots and stains on skin. Helps in skin whitening and helps lessen bad odor. I like the fact that all those whitening and beautifying extracts from different fruits are here. :D This is not harsh at all. I even use this on my face. I just hope this is scented. I love scented soaps.. but not the ones that smell like grandma perfumes.. ewww.. they can make me sneeze all day..  

I have 2 stocks for this soap as of the moment.
I can finish a bar for approximately about 3 weeks or so.
What is your favorite bath soap? i really want to know.

Have a blissful day everyone!!

For more info visit their webpage:

** All reviews written here on my blog are my mere opinions. They may work for me but not for you or vice versa. **

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jane Fan Club Curling Mascara

I never imagined that I will be using this mascara and will be happily blogging about it. I never heard raves about Jane cosmetics. I bought this just to replace my Missha 4d Mascara which I really love. I try to strictly follow the three month rule. (MASCARAS ARE GOOD FOR ONLY THREE MONTHS RULE) hehe.. 

The wand is nothing but ordinary. Hence,  I expected absolutely nothing from it. haha 

This is my eye without mascara. Can you see my upper lashes? No? Look more closely? still No?? look harder.. hehe I have upper lashes I swear.. hehe As you can see, I have thin and short lashes. 

Hello lashes!! haha After applying jane mascara. 

Picture of both eyes. Pardon my reddish eyes. I was recovering from sore eyes when I took this picture.

What I love about this mascara:

  • Cheap!!! I bought this for 135 pesos on ebay!
  • With the proper application , it can lengthen my lashes really well!! i feel like I am wearing falsies.
  • Holds my curls for hours!!!The proof is shown at the picture below.
  • I can use this on my lower lash line.
  • Water resistant but can easily be removed by soap and water. 
What I hate about this mascara:
  • Not available locally!
  • If you put too much, it could get too clumpy.
  • I hate the smell!!
  • It does not volumize my lashes that much so I tend to put loads of coating. 

After half a day (went to the mall, watched a movie and ate a lot), my face got oily, my liner got washed out, my eyes look tired too but my curled lashes are still looking FAB!! Bravo Jane Mascara!!! Do you think I should hoard the pieces left in that ebay shop???