Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Berry Shimmer

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush
 in Berry Shimmer

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hopw you are all having a blast today. I am sick with fever and flu.. I hope you are all well. I only want to share with this blush from Wet n Wild which is really beautiful and pigmented! I read from makeupalley that it is a nice dupe of Nars Taos. This is a very beautiful blush and it gives you a beautiful golden sheen. This is one of the few powder blushes that stay on my cheek for hours.
The swatch does not do any justice since my camera cannot pick up the golden sheen.
The blush can get a bit powdery too. The brush that comes with it is really scratchy and cannot pick up the product rally well. Since this is a very pigmented blush I use my Lumiere stippling brush in applying it.

Btw, I also changed changed the pictures of the previous post featuring the wet n wild lipstick.

To the anonymous commenter "Merry Christma to you." :D Reading your formspring question or shall i say comment on a Christmas day and when I am not feeling well makes me feel so awful. I pondered about it and you are right.  Thank you. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wet 'n' Wild Mega eyes Creme Liner in Black

Mega eyes Creme Liner in Black

The precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a cream application, this velvet-rich eyeliner

provides long-lasting definition in a waterproof formula. Easy-to-use brush included.


I was supposed to but the Maybelline Gel Liner since I ran out of it already. However, I was not able to buy one when they had a 30% off sale. To my luck,this liner is also sold in the ebay store where I bought the wnw meglast lip color. :D This was only 114 pesos. I was really intrigued with this liner since there are a lot raves about it in youtube and even in makeupalley. 
This looks so black on the pot. I hate packaging because the plastic looks so frail. Btw, this costs 399 pesos at the WNW counters. When I swatched it on my hand using the brush that came with it, I am not really impressed. Compared to the Maybelline gel liner which really looks black after one swipe. I realized that it was the brush that does not deliver a good application. I tried on my bare eyes and my goodness.. It looks so lovely!!

I can use it on my waterline too!! This is such a goodbuy!!

  • This is a true black in color and it goes on creamy when applied.
  • I can apply it on the waterline without the feeling of heaviness or dryness. It feels like a normal liner pencil.
  • Stayed on me the whole day!! I went to the mall from 10 am til 6 pm it stayed on my lid without the dolor being washed out. It still looks black on me.. WOW!!
  • It dries quickly in a good way which is unlike my maybelline gel liner which takes a minute or two to dry.
  • I tried rubbing my eyes and it won't come off!! Smudge proof indeed. 
  • Cheap!! 
  • The applicator brush is great for applying thick lines but not thin ones.

This is the shade when swatched. Not as black like the Maybelline gel liner with one swipe. No worries because you can build up the color and still the product is smudge proof.  I tried rubing this too but I ended up with red skin instead because it won't come off.. hehe

If you ask me which is better, the Maybelline eye studio gel liner or  the WNW creme liner?
THE WINNER--- WNW creme liner!!

I highly recommend this liner to all of you!!!

this gel liner somehow became really dry... will do an update soon.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipcolor with Lip Swatches

Hi readers!! I recently bought these lippies from ebay. I told you before that I am just on love this lipstick by wet n wild. I got my first shade in Just Peachy and it looks wonderful. I like the formula of this lippies more than those of NYX round lipstick. These does not have any annoying soapy scent at all and they are matte. They glide on smoothly on my lips and they are so creamy. The shades are also lovely but only limited unlike those of NYX round lipsticks. They are also super pigmented!!! I just love my haul!

At our local counters of WnW, these are sold for 399 if  I am not mistaken.. Can you guess how much I got them on ebay?A lipsticks costs 57 pesos only!!!!! WOW!! (This is such a great bargain right? I love bargains a lot!!) 
I want to thank Pammy of Hawaian Punchie for giving me the link of the seller who sells wet n wild in ebay. 
This is such a beautiful everyday color. It is a nice rosy  berry color. It has a pop of reddish tint in it but it does not really show on the picture. 
Spiked with Rum
This is a nice neutral reddish color. 

Smokin' Hot Pink
The shade itself says it all. HOT PINK indeed! It looks a lot like NYX Louisianna but I love this better since its matte formula will not stain my lips. I know I have a lot of pink lippies but my ELF Lipstain in Fashionista is now hallucinating so I need a good substitute! The shade is a bright pink with bluish tones which makes my teeth whiter!!
Mauve Outta Here
This is the shade I have been lemming for ever since. I finally have it!! YEY.. This is definitely my fave among the four shades. This is not your normal Barbie pink because it has a hint of purple in it. It looks so good with a black winged liner.. Defintely Kawaii!!!

The downside of these lippies... the packaging looks so tacky and they do not put the shade name beneath the tube!! Boo!! The shade is on the plastic and when removed you are left with this number code. You really have to memorize the shade name before removing that plastic,, hehe

White Christmas FOTD with Ever Bilena Glitter Eyeliner in White Diamond

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!! I know you have been wondering.. where's the white in her eye makeup?? ughhh!! My camera can't pick up the silver and white shimmers especially when I take close up pictures.. I used my ever bilena glitter liner in white diamonds.
Ever Bilena Glitter Eyeliner

I love this glitter liner which only costs 100 pesos. I was supposed to buy the Etude House Tear Drop Liner but this one is a close match and it way cheaper. It really looks shimmery white when used.

Here is a swatch of this liner. It looks really shimmery and look nice in highlighting your tearduct.. This looks very festive too and perfect for the Holidays that is why I created this look. 

I also got a not so nice pair of lashes from HBC as shown in this picture. 
I also lined my waterline with white pencil and my eyes looked weird and big!! I am so not used to it.
My eyes looks different on the photo below..
Products Used for the Eyes:

Dollface AVant Garde Palette
L'oreal Lineur Intense
Beauty and Minerals Mink eyeshadow
Elianto Stay on eyeliner in Black
Clinique Mascara (i forgot what its called)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Other Products Used on the FACE:
Kevin Beatymaker Aqualight cream foundation
IN2IT 2 way foundation in Harvest
ELF all over face color in persimmon
NYX blush in Angel
AVon Dual Ended lipstick in Rose Quartz

Did you notice I am back to BLACK?? Yep,, I dyed my hair Brown Black and it turned soooo black on me.. hehe Thank God the color somehow faded a bit.. And I finally got a haircut.. Hmmm I do not know if I am loving it though..
BTW, I am so loving Charm Flat top Brush. It gives a very nice and even coverage. I use it in applying my foundation. :D

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Very First Makeup Traincase

First Traincase!!!

Hi lovelies! My aunt from NYC gave me money for a makeup traincase. I told her about my dilemma with regard the coming wedding gig and she asked me to get a traincase!! weeehh... I asked Camille of Littlebeautybag where she bought her traincase. I do not know if we bought at the exact same place though.. I saw a big one with a beautiful cover but when I looked inside it was really small. My palettes could hardly fit. There was also this huge leather bag which looks like a big lunch box which I wanted too but my mom told this looks more sleek. 

Can you guess how much this cost me?? hihi
Only 1200 pesos.. Nice bargain right?
I was supposed to buy online but I was not into the velvet lining.
My mom chose silver. I really wanted the black one.. Well.. Mothers know best right.. SO. I followed her. 
It has lock and key.. I will not use it though because I might lose the key and that will be very unfortunate!

This traincase has four layers. 
I love the fact that it has the plastic lining for easy cleaning.I hope you could see it in the picture.

My humble makeup collection.
YAY!! I only keep a few products and already threw and gave away a lot.
I do not think you need a lot of makeup products which all have the same shades only  different brands. That's clutter!
What is important is that you know how to make your products work.
The compartments are really roomy. 
I will add more lipsticks soon. I bought a few more from ebay..
I also need to figure out where to place my brushes.. Any suggestions?
The layered compartments are made of wood.
Now, my makeup looks so organized.
Thank you Tita!!!Love you much!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pre Nuptial Makeup: Irish and Doms

Makeup by: Yours Trulily.. hehe (ME)
Photos by:
Hi beauties!! I want to share with you these beautiful pre nup photos of my  good friend Doms and her lovely and sexy wife, Irish. I was approached by Doms during the first weeks of second semester asking me if I can do the makeup for their wedding. I was like dumbfounded at that instant..hehe Wedding is like one of the most important chapters of a woman's life and I do not want to screw up!! I made test makeup on Irish and she gave an approval.. YAY!! I will be doing my first makeup gig on the 28th of December.. WISH ME LUCK!!! I have been practicing putting makeup on others light handedly.. (YOU ALL KNOW I AM SO OBSESSED WITH LOUD COLORS AND SMOKEY EYES...) Fresh and natural look is the hardest for me.. I know.. I am the weirdest.. hehe I am also practicing my hair styling skills.. I made an updo yesterday when I went to UST PASKUHAN.. It was a romantic bohemian updo.. I failed taking a good picture on it.. :X Sorry guys.. 

Moving on, I barely brought any makeup on this photoshoot because I just accompanied my younger brother to UST for his entrance exams.

Products Used:

Revlon Quad in Sandstorm
Ever Bilena 24 Eyeshadow Palette
Clinique Lash Power mascara
HBC Falsies
Nichido Cake Foundation (Irish's own makeup)
Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation (Irish's own makeup)
ELF Blush and Bronzer Duo (Irish's own makeup)
AVON Lipstick (Sheer Red I think... Irish's own makeup)
Ever Bilena Black Liquid Liner (Irish's own makeup)
Avon Simply Pretty Brow Powder in Brown
Maybelline Clearsmooth Pressed Powder in Honey

With their bear,, They look so cute and happy  noh??
I was watching them while doing this photoshoot with BF..
BF commented :
Nakakapagod pala yang ganyan noh?? haha  

Moi Cosmetics: Contour and Highlight Palette

Moi Cosmetics
available here:
Contour and Highlight Palette

I have been wanting to buy this palette ever since I saw it online. My bronzers are just too light for contouring my cheeks and nose. I usually use a matte brown eyeshadow or my Avon brow powder as a substitute. I was really skeptical buying this one because I was afraid that the contouring powder might look too reddish for my skin but I gave in anyway.. I bought it for 500 pesos only at Moi Cosmetics.  It was surprisingly huge. this can actually last you a lifetime.. haha.. 
I find both powdery. The contour powder is really pigmented so a little goes a long way.. The highlight powder is more powdery than the contour one. Over all, I love this palette. I road tested it and lasted for like 4 hours on me.. If you are not willing to spend 500 pesos on a contour palette or matte bronzer, I suggest you try the darkest shade of ELF pressed powder.. I used this before and it works and blends so well on my skin.  
I used it here in this picture but I only applied it minimally.
I am currently on my project "Hair Change." I will color my hair again black this time and will have a cut soon since I am suffering from major hair loss!!yay I realized that my hair needs a lot of lovin' this time.. :D 

Friday, December 17, 2010

On Insecurities and Beyond

No makeup.
Just sunlight.

I should be feeling festive right now since Christmas is just around the corner. I have been to two Christmas Parties already and will still attend to 3 more. I woke up yesterday feeling gloomy. I grab the mirror and stared blankly to myself. 

I feel so ugly. 

My hair is as dry as the desert and no amount of intensive conditioning can save it.
My face looks so weary too. I wish I was prettier like those girls on screen.
My psoriasis flared up a month ago... Thank you stress.
I gained seven pounds with people telling me I do not look fat. Ohh... Now the scale is lying.. 7 lbs. in just a few months is just too alarming.
The changes in the bar examinations is causing way too much pressure on me. :C

Hopefully, I will feel better later.
I have a life to live. 

Blessings to count and be thankful for...