Moi Cosmetics: 88 Metal Palette

Hi everyone! I am so excited to show you my latest palette acquisition. I know you have seen a lot of this palette being raved about by bloggers and youtube gurus.  I am not really in love with shimmers at all that is why I never ever thought I will buy this one. However (lately...), I realized that whenever I go out I always reach for my shimmery nuetral eyeshadows then I suddenly felt that strong lemming for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I was actually telling my bestfriend to buy one for me and I'll pay her when she comes home this February. Then while browsing Moi Cosmetics Facebook page, I chanced upon this palette.I think its one of her new products since I never saw this  before being sold at her store. What is more surprising is the price -- I got this for only 950 pesos with free shipping!! Now, the dilemma -- the naked palette or this metal palette?? 

I think you know what I bought or else I will not be featuring this beautiful find here on my blog!!

I think I made the right choice.. I know this aint urban decay but this palette is so gorgeous,pigmented and it blends really nicely!! 
I love that it has a lot of beautiful neutral eyeshadows!!From taupes to browns and golds.
This is a fantastic palette to those who wants shimmers because it features a wide range of colors. 
One wipe is all it takes,, hehe
The eyeshadows are smooth and I do not find them chalky at all. 

(although some people do.. )
PIGMENTATION is highly impressive and I read in reviews that some are dupes of  UD and STila Eyeshadows. 
Here are swatches of the 88 eye shadows:
I tried to capture the shimmers but it was an epic fail.
NOTE: The colors are more vibrant and fuller in person! I swear! hehe
1st row

2nd row

3rd row

4th row

5th row

6th row

7th row

8th row

9th row

10th row ( i soo love the 2nd color it is an intense hot neon pink!!)

 11th row

My only rant-- where is the dark violet or dark blue ?? and there is no shimmery black as well.. :C
But over all this palette is LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!
Here is a comparison of the eye shadows in the Urban Decay Palette:
credits to : kraseybeauty
I swear some of this shadows in the UD palette looks exactly the same with some from the metal palette!!
Did I made the right decision ---DEFINITELY!!!

I suggest that you use a primer to add more vibrancy to the shadows. I tried using this with my ELF mineral eyeshadow primer
And the only word that came out of my mouth was --WOW! haha
Btw, Thanks allie for the bent liner brush freebie!!!
Check out Moi Cosmetics here. They are offering free shipping for the whole month of January!!

ohh i also want to tell all of you that I am thinking of buying a new digicam anytime soon.. or will I still save so that I can purchase NEX 5.. what do you think?


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  1. No, it's not Urban Decay's Naked Palette, but TRUST ME, You get SO MUCH MORE out of this palette. Look at that 9th row of pinks! So Pretty! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm not an eyeshadow person but you got me lemming for this palette! :P Pretty colors!

  3. freaking awesome :D thank you for the swatches. despite the major raves about them too i don't own any coastal scent products. but this looks promising. i would actually pick this over many of the urban decay palettes because some of their eyeshadows have so much glitters in them which i'm not very fond of :/. once i finish with most of my eyeshadows i might check these ones out :D hopefully they won't discontinue it too soon hehe

  4. What a huge selection of colors! Thanks for sharing Donna. I'm guessing that the swatches on your arm weren't primed, so it's gonna be a burst of color when a good primer's used, right?

    i love the pastels. i hope the shimmer aren't over the top when packed on the lids :)

  5. Nice palette dear! :) You definitely made the right decision and I hope someone gives you the naked palette as a pasalubong. x)

    btw, i'm having a contest on my page. if you have free time, do check it out. thanks! ^o^

  6. I want this too, but If I'll have it,my eyeshadow hype will be gone :D, its pretty!

  7. Wow, sutnning platte! The shadows really look pigmented =D

  8. yay.. im gonna save for this palette.. thanks for sharing hun, also please do check my new page

    hugs and kisses

  9. Wow you don't even need the Naked palette anymore lol. You have all the shimmery neutral colors you want plus a whole lot more colors.

  10. you take nice pics. what camera you use?

  11. WOW!! I am really debating about putting in an order now.. that HOT PINK is freaking ammazzinngggg and I love all the browns!!

  12. WOW!! I am really debating about putting in an order now.. that HOT PINK is freaking ammazzinngggg and I love all the browns!!


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