Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Benett Joyce Home Service Nails and Spa

Having the comfort of your spa at your home is nothing like the best thing that was ever thought of! Right?
My bestfriend will be married this saturday. We bought her dress today since its only a civil wedding. I want to pamper her because I know working as a nurse in Canada can be really exhausting. Thank god for Home spa Service!! I am excited to try their services too. I will blogged about my experience after the wedding.

Check out their website for more information:

(all pictures are taken from their website)
Browsing their website and looking at their services, I have an inkling that my bestfriend and I will surely experience pure bliss and relaxation!


  1. i like home service spas too. :3 at least i can just sleep when i get super duper relaxed hahaha! xD

    hope you enjoy your experience dear! keep us posted ha...

  2. I have never had a spa experience before! I'm really looking forward to the post! :)


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