Review: The Benett Joyce Nails and Spa Experience

is a premier quality spa and a sanctuary of relaxation and renewal.
We offer an essential union of luxurious therapies infused with the intimacy and comfort of your own home. We invite you to discover the haven of restoration that your home can become. Designed for pure relaxation and pampering, we offer a range of treatments from an extensive menu including massages, hand and foot care, as well as body treatments for skin whitening and anti aging using pure natural ingredients. We also help organize special events, parties and many different celebrations. Our goal is to keep you and your friends together.

I always hear about home service massage but spa within the comforts of your home is very new to me. I am very excited to try their services with my bestfriend!! It was our  one of our memorable bonding moments after a very long time. It was very timely when Bennett , the owner of this wonderful spa, contacted me if I want to review her spa services. I cannot resisit such opportunity!!  Benett  was very nice to accommodate us early in the morning. Take note their operating hours does not start until 2 pm and she booked us. Thank you so much Benett!! I was really giddy when I saw this cute vehicle with their banner on. The service arrived on time (were it not for the fact that they got lost because I do not know how to give proper directions!!yay) Her therapists were in blue scrub suit uniform complete with white shoes and they look so neat and professional. It was like a makeover team arriving at my bestfriend's house.. haha
They set up the massage bed quickly. The room of my bestfriend was instantly turned into a spa!!tada!!hehe

Scrubs, masks, body souffle and cleanser!! They look yummy and smell heavenly!!

Look at this!! Aren't they cute? I really think that this spa deserves an A++++ for this! 

Chanel Polishes

For nail polish lovers!! 
Not my foot!! haha 

I know you are all curious to know what service I availed. I tried the Green Tea Whitening Sugar Glow Body Polish with Massage. This is complete with Dry Body Brushing, Cleansing, Exfoliating, Masking, Warm Wrap and Moisturizing Body Souffle. The process took almost 2 hours or so. I felt like a queen/princess being bathed!!Move over Cleopatra! Well, the green tea was very soothing and I smell so good right after the process! I was can't stop touaching my arms and legs because they feel so smooth! Look at me at the picture above... I was almost drifting to sleep because of the massage.  She gave me this service for free.. wow thanks benett!!

My bestfriend tried the Chocolate Indulgence Body Treatment and she told me that she smell sweet even after the end of the day. She also had her nails done thru Express Cucumber Melon Manicure and Pedicure!

Guess what,, if you are a first time customer you get a 20% discount on any of their services!!yay we saved a lot.. I can't wait to try more of their services!

What I love the most is their effort to make you feel that you are in a spa! It was complete with candles and relaxing background music !! I was sharing this exprience to my sorority sister and she told me that she always have her home service massage but without this spa effects at all!!   I highly recommend this spa to all of you!!! Benett would love to know your opinions where to put up her first branch. :D thanks 


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  1. how much are the services that you availed?

  2. express manicure 200 pesos
    express pedicure 250 pesos

    chocolate body treatment - 600 pesos
    green tea body polish with massage -- 900 pesos

  3. i really want to try this too! maybe after the finals. yayyy!!! :D

  4. i really want to try this too! maybe after the finals. yayyy!!! :D

  5. how much are the services that you availed?


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