Purederm Nourishing Repair Hair Mask

Purederm Nourishing Repair Hair Mask

Hi everyone. This a very late post. I takes pictures of this product before but this is are  the only ones left.. I accidentally erased a lot of pictures. **sigh** Moving on, I got this hair repair mask from Purederm Package months ago. I am really excited to use this one because my hair back then was really dried out. 

Things to love about this product:

  • The scent is really relaxing
  • It gives a refreshing/cooling feeling
  • Made my hair a bit shiny and softer for a day
I thought that it has a lot of product in the sachet but turned out it was just enough for my long and thick hair. It did not do much in moisturizing my dry locks. For me, it felt like a regular conditioner but with a twist. The minty feel is what I really love about it.. I recommend this to those with those who have normal hair. To those with super dry hair like mine, it does not do much difference at all.

This product is locally available at Watsons for around 79 pesos. :D

Have a nice day everyone!


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  1. im not a fan of chamomile scent but i did like the minty feeling that i felt when i used this.

  2. oh bummer! my hair is dry...good thing i read this

  3. i like this product a lot too donnarence! :) it did improve my hair a lot. ;)

  4. I have always wanted to try out these packets! :-/


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